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  1. I believe there is already a 41 page thread on crypto maybe mods merge this one with it. The problem with crypto is the risk associated with because how volatile some of the coins are. That is why I have only invested a little because I didn’t want FOMO to take over. Is it the future time will tell I think it is still too early. The problem is the price of coins either too high or too low.
  2. You're right on this one as apparently the shooting involved Indians.. As an Indian these people bring shame and embarrassment to the whole community. When will these people realize they're not good/cool at being gangsters or terrorists... thankfully the terrorist activity has stop because they know they suck at it lol. https://www.richmond-news.com/local-news/yvr-shooting-28-year-old-victim-understood-to-be-un-gang-member-3765235
  3. What makes you say all that ^ Maybe he didn't want to come all the way here and play for a losing team that is apparently worse than the lames and Ottawa senators if that is hard to believe. I will wait two more years before making a final decision on him.
  4. Don't tell our American friends that whom some believe invented English lol..
  5. I am sure there are better alternatives in the UK than our American friend. I am moving to the UK in 5 months and can't wait!
  6. Not necessarily unique but it is a very stable coin that is reaching all time highs now. IMO it is like 3rd best behind bitcoin and eth Ripple has been disappointing thus far... I don't invest in coins under $10.00 just waste of time unless you have plenty of capital/patience to spend.
  7. It is because the league and refs knew how lethal our teams were back then.. Unfortunately the Canucks just don't fit the leagues ideal agenda and get screwed some form or another.
  8. Anything is better than your regular standard hot dog and same goes with baloney. I believe these meats have traditionally been enjoyed by lower income people because I remember eating plenty of this food when I was poor growing up. Just quick and cheap. Now a-days if you can afford it there are plenty of high quality meats.
  9. I prefer a sausage rather than hot dog.. nasty meat Inb4 that's what she said
  10. This has been peddled by the UN for years as way to combat world hunger... but the disturbing aspect of this is there is more than enough food if not surplus but mismanagement and capitalist waste has disrupted the global supply chain. Go to any supermarket, convince store etc and you will see perfectly fine food being thrown way.
  11. Abbotsford Hell Holes
  12. This sort of things happen a lot in countries that border very close together and are disputing with one another like Georgia and Russia. Where one day the border of Russia Is over there the next day somewhere else. Changing almost everyday day or month. Canada and USA solved this problem by creating a buffer zone between their borders and almost nice even line cross.
  13. Doesn't help that Musk and other Billionaires jokingly help raise the price up and down. I am sure it is like a joke coin for them. I have doubled down on what I call the big 4 (Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum) These coins aside from Ripple have produced great results.
  14. He will be on the Canucks roster in 2-3 yrs... He just doesn't want to play for a crappy team and is waiting sharpening his skills. And I am serious about this .
  15. No one is doubting climate change.. but blockading a large busy bridge won't solve the problem... This is a fundamental human problem that will need to be solved for years to come. For example, To think in the 21st our best way to dispose of trash is to dig a pit and throw garbage in it is the best possible means shows how really technically in advanced we are.
  16. Meh there is still a chance in 2 years after that would be the final nail in the coffin/thread.
  17. Reminds me of the same thing the Harper government were trying to pull with bill C30
  18. No he is very educated (lawyer by trade) and qualified; at least more than JT.
  19. Don't worry that won't happen... too many racist/closet racist people out there. As a brown person I would love for him to become PM but I realized the odds of that happening are slim because he is no Barack Obama. Another reason why is people become jealous in ethnic communties and won't vote for that reason either. If he flops in another election I see him out.
  20. Back in the day all CDC would think about is where are you? or when are you coming back. I am guessing the younglings don't know your greatness..
  21. Man I could have confused you for Joe Rogan or something.. I am firm believer in your body your choice.. but don't be disappointed or complain if you can't do certain things.
  22. The evidence is on the wall and he tried to delete it by getting rid of social media..
  23. meh he was on the way out anyway.. just a waste of an asset now for us, as no one will want him.
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