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  1. When I read the title I thought for a second the CDC user "Mike Bossy" was battling cancer.... You know the pinko commie? Anyway I wish well and a speedy recovery for the real Mike Bossy.
  2. So there is justice after all.. That war criminal Powell and his buddy Rumsfield both hit the dust.. Now there is just Uncle Bush left..
  3. I always say this organization has the most aggressive and immature fans in the whole league… no wonder we are not respected. If this is due to hockey that above statement just further validates. I was watching the Kraken such class.
  4. I should have elaborated more and stated certain sectors require the vaccine where there is vulnerable people. What does drinking and driving and vaccines have to do with anything? Drinking and driving is an punishable offence; whereas not getting the vaccine is not… Why don’t you people understand it is a voluntary to get one.. screw the social norms. As of yet it is not illegal to be unvaccinated and I don’t understand how you can discriminate against them. Also a person should not be held liable for being unvaccinated and unknowingly spreading the virus; it is not their fault someone’s immune system is compromised or weak. Based on all your logic we should sue the fast food industry for giving people premature heart disease.. when it is the consumers fault. Same goes with CoVid if you feel unsafe or vulnerable stay in doors.. in instead of making others feel guilty or screwing others over. I challenge you to see the flip side of this argument..
  5. Complying reasons being religion or faith, health reasons, personal judgement, or just plain don’t want it… Non complying reasons being 5g or chips and conscripracy theories etc.. Please refrain from strawman arguments you know the answer to the cab question… not acceptable to drink and drive. I agree with rights extend so far so why cant vaccinated people stay at home if they fear Covid so much aren’t they better immune to it? drummer4now, I'm beginning to wonder if you are in fact vaccinated. You've been on this board yakking the same nonsense over and over again, and all the while going through everything from rights, to losing jobs, to science, to religion, I don't get it, or you. Quit ^*$&ing trolling, and go get vaccinated so we all can get on with our lives. 20 and 30 year old people are now dying from this virus, but not according to you, it was like the flu. I will happily post my card.. if you want like I did with the education.
  6. So far Seattle offense is looking good but defence is lacking.. 

  7. A lot of unvaccinated deaths are from people who are overweight/with some other underlying condition or the elderly.. Like your enemy Horgan once said fatalities are part of life… every 30 seconds someone dies from Cardio related deaths in the US. Your point? I believe in freedom of choice and if someone has a complying reason not to get one leave them alone and respect their decision. As adults they should be able to gage the risks and benefits of getting one. Of course some will not want one for stupid reason like chips or 5g but for the sane ones I believe they have complying reasons. Don’t give me that crap I support murder or unwanted deaths.
  8. I support the system that lets people be anti-vax because they have every right to do so.. I don’t believe in people being essentially handcuffed or pressured into something they don’t want; regardless of what the science says or societies expectations. With the last comment you’re putting words into my mouth.. I never mentioned caring more about people jobs than lives. Only mentioned their livelihoods. Good for you… You’re like the rest of them like China or North Korea I assume. Do you prefer to bow down to the the leader?
  9. Yeah I apologize I was out to lunch on that one.. I am surprised I didn’t get bashed to bits lol I got the one million figure from just thinking about people who post on forums, but even then it would be higher. Anyway the majority of non religious are apparently in Asia and the Far East. I sure would! Also I am not anti vaxx since I have had two doses of it, but I don’t believe in any mandates pressuring people into getting it. Especially if their livelihood is at stake.
  10. It is a approximation.. I don’t know the actual figure of non-believers but according to this Wikipedia article the numbers are still high for religious people. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_religious_populations As some are hoping I guess we will see in 100 years or so lol… maybe it will go up by 1% for non-believers. Please be neutral about it especially if you’re a medical professional dealing with many different patients. Anyway my last post about religion.
  11. You’re supposedly a doctor and should be neutral in this… I don’t want to to derail this thread but reading up on how many people believe or adhere to religion was reassuring… I need to remember that online forums are a staple of hate and represent a small minority of people not the majority who are religious. So over a billion people are using religion maliciously? Does that even make sense? Or are you just pulling things out of thin air? Over a billion adherents of different faiths vs. 1 million or so non believers.. Anyway please get the voluntary vaccine so you don’t get fired from your job. Ridiculous that people have allowed this sort of thing to happen.
  12. I just had Covid it was like the flu.. double vaxxed and all. I developed mild respiratory problems and a bleeding nose from one nostril lol with fluid coming from the other.. Did the vaccine save me from going to the hospital maybe.. but it is not the end all be all. Firing people from their jobs and livelihood because they don’t want to be vaxxed is sick and wrong. Please leave religion out of this.. Vast majority of people in this world are not heathens thank god!
  13. Not even close… This one of those situations everything seems fine on paper when it comes to show there a bare minimum results and I mean from the players drafted compared to Tampa or Colorado.
  14. Well this guy has a lot pressure on him because he needs to win multiple President trophies including one game 7 SCF match.. anything below that would be regarded as not even close or a failure… now if he won the cup he is god. I think we are seeing time run out for ol Jimbo.. We will see between this season and the next.
  15. I think he just got lucky with some of his picks… no different if Gillis was at the helm. Only advantage he had over Gillis was having higher draft placement in deeper drafts a couple of times.
  16. Just wanted to say how is Dostum doing these days lol? or the Panjshir Valley.. I knew everything was over and resistance was a waste of time; and that Dostum is never coming back. I think you were wrong...
  17. Your saying cash is any better? Should we stop using cash because it proceeds to crime? All things in this world become abused one or another.. I believe bitcoin and crypto are the future.. and has the potential take people out of poverty. Also china may have banned it but El Salvador made it legal tender so did Japan at one point.
  18. Good luck with that... Most exchanges require real bank accounts or credit cards and ID like drivers licenses and passports.. Also when someone purchases crypto they either have to use an exchange, P2P, or atm. This still leaves a digital trail behind with transaction history and bank statements. In Canada the major Credit card providers don't even allow bitcoin transactions or other crypto... because of its volatility. So you're usually stuck with bank transfers or etransfers unless you have a non-major Canadian credit card or International. You forget that it is not anonymous because it uses the blockchain a digital ledger that tracks all purchases.... Initially it is not back by anything if someone mines it, but if you purchase it from an exchange you're investing into it. I think you missed on it or got burned by it judging by your cynical posts...
  19. You're wrong on all fronts.. First off Bitcoin and other cryptos run on the blockchain which is more transparent than virtually any other currency.. You can track someone based on their ip, wallet address, etc.. https://thenextweb.com/news/bitcoin-cryptocurrency-criminals-law-enforcement The money is not a pyramid scheme because it all depends on how much you invest/hold... No different than investing in shares just the return is usually higher because of how volatile it is. With shares you need an ample amount of money to make any return, but not with bitcoin or other cryptos... During its price spikes I have seen people invest $2000 dollars and turn it into $100,000s of dollars just from bitcoin alone. But anyway I don't want to get off-topic.
  20. Bitcoin is not bad… It has made average people like you and I wealthy including myself to a small degree… I don’t like the illegal side of it, but anything that can produce Yields like it has and other Cryptos is good.
  21. Man has chucky been tossed around a lot over the last couple of years.. I wonder if he is cursed like the doll lol…
  22. The Nordic countries have traditionally known to have high taxes… that is also why you don’t hear about any other major advancement or industry from there other than IKEA.. lol
  23. Yeah tell that to Donald trump and the other billionaires out there that don’t pay their fair share of taxes.. Wait until there are trillionaires.. People have tried things like occupy Wall Street and like all protests with no clear leader or objective they failed. The problem with raising taxes to levels of 50 percent or above in countries with low rates is you see a max exodus or brain drain of wealthy people/companies.. there goes jobs and industry. Then the average person suffers. France is just recovering from that exact instance.
  24. The system will never change because there are too many people and only a handful of successful out of that pool.. The middle class and lower class have been traditionally left to fend for themselves for scraps. Things will only get worse.
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