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  1. LOL 3 rookies. If you include Juolevi, all 4 guys will have a grand total of less than 25 games in between them. Not going to happen
  2. These 2 were the biggest ones, and they would probably still be the best even in this era
  3. Thats going to depend on what skin color she has
  4. You are also assuming that Gadjovich is going to even stick in the big club, let alone be a successful player. Theres many guys that come from the AHL that just flame out once they play with the big boys. Motte at the very least is an everyday NHL player, and a good one too thats trending upwards. We might as well be the Buffalo Sabres if we are going to fill our team with a bunch of big upside guys with little veterans that play a role to help win games
  5. The smart pick would be one of the CBs like you mentioned but Jerry loves to make a splash pick. Geez Pitts, Gallup, Elliot, Cooper, Lamb and Prescott on the field at the same time, its TDs galore. Watching Pitts in the combine, he's very impressive. His routes are pretty solid for a guy thats 6'5 245 lbs, just judging from his cone drills. Pretty fast feet and smooth transitions. The most telling is the way he catches the ball. Hands are in front of him, catches balls that aren't even perfectly placed, just all mitts. The right system, right QB, he can be in the upper echelon with Kittle and
  6. Too think, Calgary needed a franchise goalie and had a shot at getting him in 2014! Demko was far and away the top goalie prospect that draft, analysts thought he would be going in the 20's and we got him in the 2nd round.
  7. Gotta have Motte and Hogs in there too
  8. My thought was Demko to sign a bridge deal would be 4-4.5 X 3 years. 4 - 4.5 million is pretty standard mid level starter goalie contract. To have 5 X 5 is an excellent deal. Demko is trending upwards and is already outplaying some of the guys that are getting paid 6 - 7 plus million, plus factoring in the potential and the AGE, which is the key. Demko isn't even knocking on the door on the prime, he's got his foot on the porch. Gonna be a great 5 years...perhaps a vezina in one of them?
  9. at 3 % I could bite, Im locked in for the next year (last of my 5 year fixed) at 2.29 which decent, the extra 70$ for piece of mind the rest of the way isnt terrible
  10. OJ has played well make no mistake about it, far exceeded my expectations. After Chatfield went down, OJ's game got better and better, but I like I stated, to say OJ would've been better than Benn (who people are clamouring who he should replace) during the last stretch of games, not sure about that. Give it OJ though, I wouldve never taken him out in the first place for Harmonic, who has panned out well and upped his trade value. If you were going to slot Harmonic in after his injury, just based on the stretch of games prior, it defintely would not have been over Benn or OJ
  11. Not San Fran anymore, they don't have the chips to make that deal after the trade to the Dolphins. Miami has more than enough ammunition to make that deal happen. 2 1st or perhaps even 3 1sts and Tua? If Miami lands Watson, they are a guaranteed playoff team
  12. He's also only played 4 AHL games and people are already annointing him as the 2nd coming of Scott Niedermeyer. Seriously, we need to ease up on the whole Rathbone hype. Lot of CDCers are expecting Podz, OJ, Woo, Lind, Gadjovich, Rathbone making the team next season LOL. 6 rookies, geezus. 2 making it is already massive feat on its own, let alone 6
  13. I agree, Benn has been playing well, WAY WAY better than I expected this season. Its foolish to think that OJ or even Rathbone would stand a chance against guys like Matthews, Kyle Connor, McDavid, Draisatl etc. barrelling down the ice, at least Benn has played against those guys, numerous times. Its nice to have all the upside, better pedigree what not, but Green still has a mandate to win not just for the organization but for himself, the guy doesn't even have a contract next season. Do I want OJ to play, yeah and hopefully soon since its looking liking the post season is getting farther and
  14. the fins swung a deal with the Eagles for No. 6 for their No.12 and next years 1st pick ( from the 49ers) I probably wouldve stayed put at 12 and keep the 1st in 2022. Miami already has Fuller and Devante Parker, those are 2 pretty good wideouts with Gesicki in TE. I just think its just better to stockpile talent (unless of course they used their chips on a certain Texan QB). Even at 12 theres chance Waddle falls to them, pretty good consolation prize if their missing out on Devante Smith
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