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  1. Isn't it confirmed though that he's in eligible to be in the Q since he's under contract with the Canucks?
  2. I think he'll get maybe a couple of games in this season, but I expect big things from Woo this year in Abby. I hope he takes a bit more of a leadership role as well
  3. Yes training camp will decide who gets in opening night. I know many CDCers are already pencilling in Rathbone for the opening roster because of his upside, but I wouldn't go that far. People are enamoured but Rathbone's potential but if you were to compare Juolevi's and Rathbones seasons in totality, Juolevi had the better year, people just need to have a bias just because the other guy has a more dynamic style. Juolevi and Rathbone are two completely different players, doesn't necessarily mean one or the other can't be an important part of a team. Before Hamonic came back, Juolevi had a nice
  4. Good for Ferland, and he should retire. His long term health comes first , not only for himself but for his family. Im sure hes made enough during his career to live a great life. That playoff series with him with the Flames against us, he made a major impact. Too bad we couldn't get that player, but he had a good career, nothing to be ashamed about whatsoever
  5. I swear, I think Weisbrod did all the deals except this one. Maybe Weisbrod went to the washroom and Benning broke out of his leash to do this deal. The signings they did today were pretty much all sensible, a year to a few years term, fair dollar amount and for some reason the Poolman deal is the only outlier. Its a Jim Benning special, overpay for a scrub with term
  6. Im not too worried about offer sheets. I can't remember the last offer sheet that went unmatched (Dustin Penner?). I don't think teams want to be trading 1st round picks with the salary landscape the way it is, and the fact that 2022 Draft class is set to be one of the best, and 2 generational players on top of the 2023 draft
  7. Was always banging the drum on this move, finally! I hope it comes into fruition, Schenn was fantastic the handful of games he was here. He basically did more in those games than Gudbranson ever did during his tenure
  8. Charles Barkley said it best "Analytics guys think they are part of the game, but they're really not"
  9. Agreed. I dont believe in that analytics trash. Im a Myers hater and ill even admit he was decent last year
  10. REALLY good deal for the Avs, I was expecting closer to 10 for Makar. Hughes has to be in the 7.5 - 8 range
  11. Out of all the picks we had this weekend, Lockhart is probably the most intriguing. This would be a MASSIVE hit if he ever pans out. We'll see this season
  12. Ulf was a mean piece of business. He was his era's version of Mattias Ohlund
  13. hard to think few decades ago this place was a goalie graveyard
  14. Id rather see Klimovich in N. America, either the Q or the A, doesn't matter. I don't trust any of the KHL politics when it comes to ice time so I'd rather see Klim playing a lot, whether its with older men or juniors, but I do think the safe route is the Q. If hes as good as we are led to believe, he shouldn't have a problem shredding the competition. Not to mention factoring in the pandemic, Canada is doing a hell of a lot better than Russia right now, so its a must safer play to get games in over here
  15. Nice! have some cheap beers, a hot dog, preferably made out of cat meat
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