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  1. Even if Lind needs ED protection, I don't think Seattle would pick him. Las Vegas had the pick of the litter for some cast away 1st rounders and the most part they took guys with the very least semi NHL experience. Seattle (if he has a good season with us) would most likely pick Brayden Holtby. Starting goalie that has an acceptable cap hit, with ONE year left on his deal, Vezina, Stanley cup winner, thats a no brainer. That was an astute move by Jim picking up Holtby knowing his contract, his pedigree would be irresistable to the Kraken to overlook. Its a win for both parties, Holtby can be the placeholder for their soon to be goalie of the future, or if he plays well, he's young enough to be the present for a couple more years.
  2. and to think some people here wanted Toffoli over Boeser LOL
  3. Jumped back in the US Market and took a small position at CCIV (thanks to some of you fine folks), liked what i saw, took a small position at $14.6 yesterday, quite a nice gain today!
  4. What a debut from Hogs. Honestly, take that goal away and Nils still had great game. Made a lot of nice passes, won puck battles, played well defensively. You can see after that goal, Hogs was just playing much more confident, handling the puck more. That 2nd line looked good tonight, theyve had a rotating door of wingers like Toffoli, Virtanen, Leivo etc, who wouldve thought a smallish darter like Hogs would make that line go? Hope he keeps it up, theres going to be a "not hiring" sign for that top 6 role if it does There shouldve been a penalty on that play OJ turnover. He played good, albeit limited minutes, Im sure they'll see what they have with him once they get back at home and gets more ice time with matchups Whole team played well for the most part, only guy I can really pick on that was bad was Zack McEwen. He was either turning the puck over on getting knocked on the ice. Didn't do a whole lot. I was on the McEwen bandwagon until the Blues series where he played like absolute garbage
  5. Athletes need to learn to not spend their earnings. Buy businesses, investments and spend the earnings out of THOSE, not salary.
  6. Im not too sure about a dynasty, theres a few teams that have as deep if not deeper talent pool as us. The Kings have an incredible amount of talent waiting in the wings, its scary. They could be the team (hopefully along with us!) that could rule the western conference this decade
  7. I think Podz is at the very least be on the 4th line, albeit in a part time role (maybe 1 or 2 out of 3 games?) Just getting him here ASAP to get acclimated to the language, practicing on the smaller ice is already a big deal for his development. JB will make room for the kid if he can somehow make his way here
  8. Is there a way the JB and Aquallini can buy his contract out? If hes not in the KHL, he might as well come here and get acclimated
  9. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Should've been a Bronco!!!!! Stupid Elway picking KJ Hamler, I had a feeling Claypool was going to be a stud.
  10. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Terrible call by Wade Philips. When Flutie was with the Bills, it was almost must see tv.
  11. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    I know its unlikely but man I hope the Browns win. Its going to be very tough with no practices and all, but the Steelers have not looked impressive the last month. Cant wait for the Bills/Colts, Titans/Ravens games, they are going to be good ones I get the feeling the Bucs might be the NFC rep in the superbowl, the offence with Antonio Brown is just starting to hit full throttle
  12. If OJ can be consistent with his passes out of a zone, regardless of his skating, he'll be fine, the skating can come later on. Its amazing how teams just look like they are playing faster when pucks are out of the zone, tape to tape to a streaking winger. Hopefully OJ can do that. Maybe perhaps all this Hoglander hype will let OJ just ease into his role in the lineup
  13. They had Jeff Pattersson on the radio, and mentioned other than Hoglander of the forward group, Michaelis has really stood out. Always noticeable. I dunno if hes going to make the team though but any free prospect that has a good showing in camp is never a bad thing. Like someone said earlier in this thread, probably the Comets 1st or 2nd line C
  14. Yeah, hes a shadow of his Blues glory days. The game has gotten way to fast as much as he's gotten a lot slower