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  1. If this monstrosity of a free agency/off-season is what it takes for our clueless GM to finally get fired, I'm all for it. Short-term pain for long-term gain. Jim Benning, folks!
  2. Can’t hate Virtanen. He’s living every BC kids dream of playing for their home town team. So what he likes to have a good time. I would be doing the same thing. Rooting for him to improve again this coming season.
  3. One of Eriksson/Sutter/Beagle/Roussel/Myers has to be going back. A well run team would find a way to make to make this work. Sadly we have Benning at the forefront.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but I would rather keep building on those established relationships with players like Horvat, Pettersson, and Miller rather than jump to the next opportunity. The Canucks are on the rise and he just jumps ship like that? Why not be a part of something you helped build? He's been an assistant for 3 years, he's not some sort of long-time assistant coach waiting in the wings for a chance; he still has some dues to pay. Idk, loyalty is few and far between in professional sports I guess.
  5. Wow. First Luongo and now this. You would think Malhotra would have some loyalty towards the org? Guess not.
  6. Seriously. Vegas might be most impressive team systems-wise I've ever watched. Like, how could a team with a bunch of cast offs play such a relentless/fast/transitional style? This iteration of the VGK is going to go down in history as one of the most bizarre phenomenons in sports history for how good they got so fast.
  7. Rookie, pre-injury Boeser scores that in his sleep, and we win this series. Oh well. I hate this feeling.
  8. Sutter literally cost us the series with that half-ass clear he did. Fire Benning, also.
  9. Green is an egomaniac. He is going to take his awful idea of LE being a defensively responsible winger thus he deserves to be in the top-six to the grave it seems like. It's not rocket science. You put your six best players who have shown to have chemistry and success in the past in the top-six. Easy. Simple. Yet, Green thinks he's Scotty Bowman reincarnated and is trying to justify his terrible lineup decisions by being stubborn about it. Anyone remember why he took Virtanen off the top line for no apparent reason??
  10. I grew up during the WCE era so I have been pretty lucky I guess because we dominated the Northwest division. And then we had the Luongo/Sedin era. I guess it depends when you started watching so I get your point.
  11. Miller has been amazing and the co-MVP with Markstrom. However, he needs to use his line-mates better. He gets bad tunnel vision and holds onto the puck for too long a lot of the time. So many instances where EP is open and Miller decides to do a lap instead and the scoring opportunity is wasted.
  12. Strongly considering becoming a Devils fan if this happens and if Benning and Green are still here after the season.
  13. Paterson mentioned it on the TSN1040 post-game show last night. Yup. Both the GM and Coach need to be fired. Chronically losers with Benning and Green steering whatever mess this is. This franchise used to be a top-class hockey organization, but is now a league-wide laughing stock.
  14. The fact that Green is no longer answering any questions from Paterson reflects what kind of a coach he is. A true leader/coach does not waiver when the going gets tough. Imagine what his players are thinking when they hear that their coach can't face a little criticism. Green is in over his head at the NHL level and his stubbornness and ego has literally cost us points and a chance at the playoffs.