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  1. No payment plans, you have to pay all now. Some decent seats left
  2. They told me they were in the mail September 29th when I called. I guess they weren't
  3. 4-2 Oilers GWG Drai Horvat first Canuck goal
  4. Right now the only resale tickets on their site, is from people who bought during the presale. Which are mostly STMs. Yes they give themselves a head start. It appears they are selling a lot of tickets too.
  5. 317 is mostly no drinking, 326 and 305 are price jump sections, so season ticket holders avoid. Lots of bargains today.
  6. He might think they do both every game and maybe they will
  7. Looks like they are letting people spread out. This game is essentially sold out.
  8. Mariners and Sox both down by 4. Yankees 0-0
  9. Damn with a 9-1 lead, I was hoping they could just let Ryu get the complete game.
  10. Get them on a private jet straight to Calgary to play tonight
  11. Looks like you will be able to ask an usher to move you to an emptier section if you want. Apparently mailed out yesterday.
  12. I would call my season ticket rep, but the answer would be next week. Inside joke
  13. If you contact the Canucks, they will give you printed tickets for $25. But it won't be booklets like before, probably just a stack.
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