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  1. Good message from Miller. This team has to be hard to play against... not fun to play against as Bieksa said.
  2. Markstrom's a beauty now but it took him years to get there. Demko looks to be way ahead of the curve. He's gonna thatch a lot of teams for years to come!
  3. Woo, Demko shutout! Jets come up dry! Dem bones dem bones, dem dry bones! Dem bones dem bones, dem Jet bones! A 60 minute effort by the Nucks. No collapse tonight! I say play Demmer again tomorrow night while he's hot.
  4. Not necessarily. Just a decent streak will do, aided by a total collapse of the Lames and Canadiens.... which is doable!
  5. Whew! No late goal again! I like how the Nucks are playing with the lead. They're trying hard for more goals! No sitting on the lead.
  6. Agree. Hamonic needs to play to get back in form. He missed the short season with Flames last year. Then he got injured here. So he hasn't played a lot of hockey so far.