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  1. That's a good team over there. But suck it, we won when we shouldn't have! God, I loved the sight of Seattle crackin'.
  2. I say we take this one. The Nucks will be amped to set the tone on our new Pac Coast rivals and spoil their opener. We have played at times like we're still in preseason mode cuz of all the new faces and line combos, also due to lack of practice time. But I think we'll see our guys gelling today and playing a lot sharper. We win 5-2. Let's get kraken!
  3. Hey, just quoting my favourite episode of Seinfeld. You're obviously not a fan. And CDC often veers off on non Canucks content... about favourite foods, drinks, tv shows, songs...whatever. We don't have to be serious all of the time.
  4. After he stood up for Hogs tonight against a bigger guy... I say give him #14 instead of 44!
  5. I'm cutting Petey some slack. He missed most of preseason. He's still in training mode. Though his desire is there he needs a bit more time to sharpen his skills for game mode. A few more games and we'll forget we had this discussion. Edit: sorry...referring to the handwringing over Petey's play so far.
  6. My gawd, the Sabres are all over us. Who's that turkey who said that they were a bad team? That's the kind of dangerous talk that can hurt us.
  7. Anyone else thinking that getting OEL and Garland has taken the sting out of losing our EN specialist Player Name?
  8. Those are the top 3 lines I would go with. They make sense. Top line is the proven 6/49 line. They will be even better with a dangerous second line behind them. Second line...Horvat finally gets a proven scorer in Garland...the reason he was brought in. With Hoglander, that line with 2 energizer bunnies that can score would cause teams fits and take pressure off the top line. Petan between Pearson and Pods (3 peas in a pod!) gives us a small skilled centre with 2 big tough guys with scoring ability.
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