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  1. Does this mean we will see headspinning cycling and domination again on our powerplay?
  2. It's too soon to be russian to judgement on the kid. I ain't lion. Not before he's played a game in the NHL. But I AM excited to see him play here.
  3. I hope it won't be.... Another season it's gonna be a long one, He draws the shade and hangs his head to cry.
  4. I hated when we lost Oscar Fantenberg cuz we didn't have the Oscar Myers pairing to roast anymore.
  5. Agreed. They're Canuck legends. The kids will definitely respect what they have to offer.
  6. With Green coming back, I don't see B & B leaving either. I think there's a real possibility that the twins have some input into how to fix the pp. They could recycle the cycle!
  7. Yes and yes! The thing is... I consider this season an anomaly with the team getting covid and having an abnormal number of injuries. So I'm willing to cut Green some slack. But if it's the same results next year under normal circumstances... or even if it's marginally better, then it will be time for a coaching change. Five years will be long enough for his kick at the can.
  8. It's a given there will be more losing. I don't expect a perfect season. But I do expect a winning, contending season. I don't want you to shut up. I don't take your Fire Green seriously. Just comic relief..and a dumb comment from a dumb nuck.
  9. My sentiments exactly. People forget our playoff run last year. And they also forget that we had a 8-2 run in March before the wheels fell off. Covid and injuries to 8 regulars were too much to overcome. Green can't be blamed for those. Without covid and the injuries (to Petey especially), we might've seen a different result... the playoffs certainly. And we wouldn't be having this conversation about the coaching staff. I'm optimistic for our team next season too.
  10. It's not easy being Green. But happy he's coming back. The down side is we'll have to put up with more FIRE GREEN!
  11. This season didn't really happen. The Canucks... like Bobby Ewing.. are still alive and will challenge for the Cup next season.
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