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  1. I'm down with that. Give the vets a well deserved rest. Play the kids and the free agents and evaluate them. They'll be motivated to show well for next season. Who knows, their energy might help pull out a few wins.
  2. I'm positive they're tired. It's 7 games in 11 days. That's brutal.
  3. This is painful. I'm outta here. It's more fun watching a Golden Girls rerun.
  4. Wheeler wheeled right in. Looks like the Nucks used up all their energy yesterday.
  5. Nice to see the Hog get some love between periods. The sky's the limit for the kid with his skills and his work ethic.
  6. I used to get excited when we got a powerplay. That sense of anticipation is long gone.
  7. All true. I don't underestimate the fatigue factor. The big unknown factor is how motivated Calgary will be to win.
  8. True. But chances are pretty good with 4 against the Lames and 1 more against the Pegs.
  9. Woooo!! I'm Hog wild over this guy's relentless drive!! And so glad that he's rewarded tonight for his effort.
  10. Play the kids to give them experience and the new guys to evaluate them. Might as well play for the best draft position.
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