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  1. Definitely agree that Benning should be given some slack for giving Eriksson his contract. Hindsight is easy. But at the time, it looked like a great move to get LE to play with the twins. He had a great 30 goal season with Boston just the season before. He also had recent proven chemistry with the Sedins on team Sweden at both the World Championships (gold medal) and the Olympics (silver). There was no indication at all that Eriksson's play would drop so fast so soon. That's not on Benning.
  2. This is a luxury we can't afford. Save the cap space for a gritty experienced top 4 dman. Demko is ready for prime time.
  3. That's ok. Hughes will get the Norris next year.
  4. I'm against a dumba trade for Boeser. Boeser has yet to peak. And when he does we will regret it if we trade him.
  5. I believe fatigue was the biggest factor in losing game 7. But the game was winnable if we had just scored one during the 5 min major. That would've energized the boys. If we had potted two we would've won considering how Demko was shutting the door. And then that ahole Reaves wouldn't have gotten away with that cheap shot on Roussel. That would've been extra sweet.
  6. I agree pretty much with all you said except I don't see the Canucks regressing in the next few years. If anything we'll be better as our young core of exceptional players... Pettersson, Hughes, Horvat, Boeser... get stronger and gain more experience. Add to that the development of our other young players like Gaudette, MacEwen, Demko. That would more than offset the inexperience of the incoming prospects like Podkolzin, Hoglander, Juolevi, etc. who will take the place of some of the vets who will be gone. That's an impressive group of prospects coming up so who knows, they might surprise us and play at a high level right away much like Boeser, Pettersson, and Hughes did in their first years... especially with the positive influence of our young core. Plus I have faith in Benning to make the right moves via trades and free agency to fix our deficiencies on defence. I believe we'll be looking at a better and better team in the next few years, one that will be contending for the Cup again!
  7. I don't agree with this at all. Yeah it was frustrating but I'm certainly not embarrassed. I'm extremely proud of this team that wasn't supposed to be there in Game 7 at all against a cup favourite. It was cuz of hard work, determination, and unbelievable resilience that they were. It wasn't a 'piss-poor effort' at all. That would be out of character for our character team. The boys wanted it, but sadly I saw a team that was obviously gassed... not being able to clear our zone, the missed passes, the lack of shots... these were all signs of that. It has already been mentioned that the Nucks played 13 games in 23 days, with 2 B2Bs in there. They had one day off after a gruelling series with the Blues. Vegas had 5 after theirs. In the end that made the difference in energy and effort level. I don't think that should be discounted as the reason for what looked like a 'piss-poor effort'. The effort was there, the legs weren't.
  8. Wooeee! Game 7! Who woulda thunk it? I like our chances. The Knights get thatched again! 3-1 Nux.
  9. No, that would be fowl. Stay classy and just smile! That hurts more. When they go low, we go 'HI!'.
  10. 3 games in 4 nights is normally a lot for a goalie, especially when he's seeing a shipload of pucks each game. But I think Demko can handle it because he didn't see any action in the play-in and playoffs till these last few days. So I don't think he would be tired yet. He'll be fine tomorrow and will stand on his head again! On the other hand, Vegas has a tough decision. Lehner who has let in a lot of goals in the last 2 losses and might be tired? Or Fleury who is 35 and hasn't played much in the playoffs and has a .893 save %? All the pressure will be on whoever goes in net. I like our chances!
  11. I got a good feeling about tonight's game. We won the last game without much of an attack. Our offence is due for another breakout game. I think we finally get some production from our bottom 6. I'm calling a great all round game by the whole team for another tight win, 5-4. Last game I called a monster game by Demko and Petey on the winning goal!