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  1. Well ya might as well. This is a uniquely different gdt. It's a seinfeld thread...a thread about nothing..and everything! Classy move on his part. Frankly I think we gave up on him too early. Hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.
  2. You mean people like blacks and other minorities, women, and lgbtq? The nerve of them!
  3. 8. Hoglander is our rookie spark plug who will ignite the team in due time.
  4. Right now it looks like our best hope of making the playoffs is to overtake Montreal. We're two points behind but they have 6 games in hand, which looks unsurmountable. But with their games suspended at the moment due to covid issues, they will have a crazy number of games to play ... something like 25 games in 43 days. They could run out of gas by the final weeks of their schedule. Of course, to take advantage the Nucks will have to get back to their winning ways. This long break should help to reenergize them to do that. I think it's gonna go down to the wire between the Nucks and the H
  5. The Jets goalie is having a hellebuycken game. But he's also been very lucky with all the posts and crossbars that the Nucks have hit. He'd be lucky to get a shutout!
  6. As depressing as it looks, we're not dead yet. The Nucks are playing well. If we can get one before the end of the period we can win it in the third.
  7. Nice to see Horvat and Sutter back skating. All hands on deck for yet another critical game! Hope the guys play their hearts out for a big win before their mini holiday/recharge time.
  8. Lol...in other words..2 outa 3. And just wait till the Nucks get in the playoffs. They'll come out like a bat out of hell!
  9. We have 21 games left. I think winning 2/3 of those games is a reasonable expectation given our strong March...without Petey. That makes 14 wins and 28 pts for a total of 63 pts. So I agree with you on that! But we will need Demmer to keep up his stellar play. And we also need a couple of dance teams ahead of us to stub their toes.
  10. Well I wonder what Hab fans are saying about Price? 4 goals on 15 shots! 2 in less than 2 mins. And people here are griping about Holtby.
  11. Woo!! Holtby doing the job! And at the other end.... 2 goals against Price on 8 shots for a .750 save %.
  12. It's the game plan. Conserve energy. Get Holtby more touches on the puck so he'd get engaged in the game. Wear out the Montreal forwards. Then we turn it up in the turd.
  13. Does it really matter? Looking at our current roster .... Brock was pick #23, Hoglander #40, and Gaudette #149. And our MVP Demko, #36!
  14. Good! And I'm calling it now... Holtby faces 50 shots and stands on his head. He gets a sh.... no, he allows one flukey goal, a deflection off Edler's butt for a big win. And a new goalie controversy is born in Canuckland.
  15. Common sense says Holtby plays on a b2b. We don't want to ruin a good thing by overworking Demko. Let him rest 2 days for the first Winnipeg game. And if he's sharp, play him the second too. Besides, we don't want Holtby to sit too long. The longer he sits the harder it will be for him when he plays again.
  16. This is what I said when we were winning ugly too. But people here were fretting about that. I hope they're satisfied tonight. This was a well earned victory.
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