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  1. Well, gee, that sounds like a problem that started with Obama, if you really feel that bringing "Orange Man Bad" into the discussion is in the remotest way edifying.
  2. I don't think it's a great plan to flip your Stanley Cup winning goaltender just to clear some cap...
  3. Henry Rollins tells a story where he managed to get knocked out by kneeing himself in the face while moshing on stage. When he came to, he jumped back up with a bloody nose looking around for whoever hit him.
  4. nice, I thought I heard it too, but was too arsed to go back and listen a second time. thx for confirming.
  5. After looking at screencaps of some liberal Facebook posts this morning, I'd hope they consider puting in cooldown periods following "major global events"
  6. With the pursuing the Clintons angle, I suspect that how angry Assange is could be the wildcard. He allegedly has still more damning info available. He could keep it as "insurance," knowing that she's not getting elected (this cycle,) or, if they have been involved in "really, really bad things" could release what he has, when it's most opportune to help "Drain The Swamp" I've got to go to bed... first the Canucks, now this. It's been weird
  7. Clinton News Network. I'll be really interested to see if they remain hostile to Trump, or if they decide that licking his boots increases their chances at relevance/survival.
  8. Rudy: "Eff it! the way you guys nearly screwed this up, we're not taking any chances with THIS investigation. I'll be personally reading each and every one of these to make sure we don't miss a thing! See you in 2021?"
  9. that's at least a 7/10 plusses. I'm trying not to wake others with lols right now.
  10. You know... if CNN doesn't axe Blitzer for doing essentially exactly the same thing Brazile did, that automagically makes them racist-misogynist-hypocrites, doesn't it?
  11. Don't know much about him? Unless you meant BO? (which will be an awesome speech tomorrow)
  12. 274 http://www.foxnews.com/politics/elections/2016/presidential-election-headquarters
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