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  1. punching Marchand in the face? who said you have to remove your gloves? if I remember correctly HE never took them off to rabbit punch Daniel, so what's good for the goose is good for the rat.
  2. 12 mill on the ice is ALWAYS better than 12 mill in the pressbox. yes losing those draft picks hurts, but poop happens...do the paperwork and move on. AND QUIT WHINING ABOUT BENNING!!! He finally did something big to shake up the roster. What were you expecting? LE for Barzal? that ain't gonna happen. It may blow up in his face or it may be pure golden. Do right --do wrong-- DO SOMETHING... you'll catch crap for it anyway.
  3. JB.......bla bla bla vanilla content, nothing new, lots of things that we are exploring, have to see how things play out over the weekend..bla bla bla the perfect politician...talks for 30 minutes and says nothing
  4. Holtby and schmidt to Boston for their 1st (21 oa) + Debrusk then flip that 21st pick to Buffalo + Gadjovich for Reinhart
  5. how did they not use Frasier Crane as an emcee last night? ken griffey jr? ichiro? starbucks delivery of coffee to the podium? Matt Hasselbeck, Russell Wilson, Dave Krieg, or Jim Zorn? total missed opportunity
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