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  1. sure put a new team in Atlanta. Betcha dollars to donuts it'll be moved to Quebec within 10 years. That seems to be the only way that Bettman will allow Canadian expansion. If he REALLY wanted more teams in Canada he would start with Quebec and then quickly add Hamilton(area). Those are the only areas that could/would support NHL teams. I know, the Leafs would bock at Hamilton, but they all ready have 20+ thousand waiting list for season tickets so you can't tell me that Hamilton wouldn't sell out fast.
  2. nevermind............just got sent back to Seattle T-birds
  3. just where is he expected to play this season?
  4. a test ? and here I forgot to study
  5. here is a special message to those that are shutting us down.....
  6. I eat my peas with honey I've done it all my life. It makes the peas taste funny, But it keeps them on the knife.
  7. preseason games...yes number? while I said 1-3 I think that 4 is optimal. stars to play? I said yes, but should quantify... out of the 4 games they should each play no more than 2.
  8. IF he'd do it... sign him up for Abby to mentor the young guns.
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