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  1. This makes me want to cry. Hug your loved ones. Prayers to his kids, wife and family.
  2. This might be the most mature viewpoint CDC has ever had. Cheers, mate!
  3. Meh, the nhl needs more characters. It’s actually kinda funny.
  4. Absolutely great player. Helped me on my hockey pool many times. Taylor hall is gonna miss him a lot.
  5. Yep, totally true. It’s their money. It’s definitely frustrating.....on the other hand I’ve always said if I won the lottery I’d try and by the Canucks and I’d definitely be on the team until some fan seriously beats me down.
  6. Please don’t insult Mr. Benning like that. I’m all for criticism but that was harsh.
  7. Are any of u super excited for the lions first game on August 6th? God bless the cfl . This is gonna be awesome. Guys...take a deep breath....forget about hockey.....watch some exciting football.
  8. Can u go into detail a bit on your last paragraph so people can understand?
  9. Hey, 100%. It looks entirely like that...at least from bennings part. I’m on board...not that I’ve ever jumped off the bandwagon but this club has done a major overhaul here. I think it’s fair for the haters and the lovers to kind of reset here, move forward and hold off judgment for at least the off season of next year.
  10. Pretty sure there has been numerous people around the league confirm their meddling.
  11. This. It’s the interference in the actual hockey operations decisions that piss people and management off. It’s never been about their will to spend or win.
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