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  1. Classy and spot on as always, buddy ....but not really
  2. But but but don’t you know the cool thing to do to fit in on Canucks forums is to pick a player and rag on him constantly without even watching his game and realizing he’s actually a pretty solid player.
  3. This comment is worth a suspension.
  4. Appreciate your effort but......why? We aren’t making it...not even close.
  5. Man, there’s always one of you with the absolutely hilarious and possibly the funniest joke in the history of mankind about trading loui
  6. What’s wrong with what he said? He’s just being honest. That’s leadership in my opinion. Is society so soft now that this is frowned upon? Do we have to sugarcoat things and play pretend? Whoever this tweeter is is obviously softer than cotton. That’s pathetic to word it like that.
  7. Suggesting that hoglander is a mile tall is so out of line. Do u even know how long a mile is. That would mean hoglander would be like 30 feet tall.
  8. To be fair true number one centres are pretty hard to come by and the teams that have them aren’t eager to give them up. They’ll cost you a Fortune. Better to try and draft one
  9. it was humorous listening to people and media think the Canucks were legit back in it this past week. Have they even looked at the games in hand that the jets /Montreal and Calgary have on us? The only realistic chance we have is if we were to catch the oilers who are seven up on us with the least amount of games in hand. This management team better be sellers at the deadline and better not wait either. Any reasonable offer should be taken. The recent accusations of vesey and boyd definitely point to they’re thinking along those lines. That’s good. We just aren’t quite there when
  10. We all have are views and that’s okay. I agree let’s not talk about this stuff or politics.
  11. Everything open and function normally. You know how many people outside of long term care homes have died from it in Canada? Just over two hundred. A lot of fear mongering going on here and it’s working. People are so afraid of this that they will never be the same again about going out in public. The only thing that should be getting focused on is the long term care homes. Everything else should be up and running and surviving.
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