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    Surrey, B.C.
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    Canucks, hockey, reading, volleyball, jonas brothers, Canucks fans, Luongo's glare, CDC, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Veganism, Leonardo Di Caprio<3

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  1. Hello there how u doin.:)

  2. Hi, sorry I have't responded I don't go on my profile much but I noticed you have commented recently.

  3. Nope, my schools linear, we dont have finals till the end of the year, and im okay i guess even though I have to find myself a house so I can not be living at my friends house anymore








  5. that took me like minutes to write..


  6. hahaha yea sorry about that..gnisufnoc adnik

    steg ?rettel yreve retfa yek worra tfel eht sserp si od ot evah uoy lla os

  7. *sighh* haha its fine. i was like the responses you gave really doesn't fit what i wrote =P. and not really.. its actually easier than you think. All you have to do is start with the first letter you want to type and hit the left arrow and continue from there. It gets pretty easy once you get the flow of it.

    ?egassem txen ruoy htiw yrt a ti evig annaw uoy


    i am sooo dumb!! AHAHA

    thats a genius idea! i just didnt understand what you were saying....heehee

    but doesnt it take forever to put it backwards?!

  9. lol.. i don't think we're on the same page for this one that's for sure =P. Thought u didn't get it judging by the responses lol. All the messages i typed to you were simply backwards. Since you had that new "club" of writing messages, i just thought it would be fun to do it this way. Guess not.. =(

  10. mmhm.. you wanna stop that?

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