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  1. I’m sure this may have been discussed, but I didn’t notice until today that Vegas is exempt from having to make players available to Seattle. They’ve been in the league 4 years. Why should they still be exempt? Maybe for the first couple years, but 4?
  2. I’ve hated the Rangers since ‘94, but after the team response to TW cheap shots in Bushnevich and Panarin and the tweet calling out the league and Parros, I am now a fan and hope they kick the Caps @$$.....sorry Ovi, still love ya
  3. That’s gotta suck. Draw a penalty shot, don’t get selected to take it and the other guy loses the puck into the corner
  4. Hall brought in so the Sabres can put the blame on him when they end up with another Top 10 pick.
  5. Vatanen is on the smaller side, and we could use more side on the backend. What we need even more than size are good puck movers that can get the puck out of our own end without just panicking and throwing it up the boards or just flipping it up high into the neutral zone onto the oppositions stick. He should help in that regard.
  6. Not to forget that as a floundering team, we needed to offer "more" (whether it be term, $ or clauses) to attract free agents.
  7. Am I in the Zhukenov thread? Sounds awfully familiar.
  8. With TT hitting the market, maybe....just maybe....Jake takes the offseason serious, stays in shape and focuses to finally earn that consistent top 6 role and take the next step.....maybe Hoping to finally see what he can become.
  9. If bodies are moved out, Grabs would be a great addition in the bottom six at a cheap price, perfect for the flat cap. Depth scoring and another good PKer to go along with Motte.
  10. Makar's a great player, I'm just being a homer
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