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  1. Hall brought in so the Sabres can put the blame on him when they end up with another Top 10 pick.
  2. Vatanen is on the smaller side, and we could use more side on the backend. What we need even more than size are good puck movers that can get the puck out of our own end without just panicking and throwing it up the boards or just flipping it up high into the neutral zone onto the oppositions stick. He should help in that regard.
  3. Not to forget that as a floundering team, we needed to offer "more" (whether it be term, $ or clauses) to attract free agents.
  4. Am I in the Zhukenov thread? Sounds awfully familiar.
  5. With TT hitting the market, maybe....just maybe....Jake takes the offseason serious, stays in shape and focuses to finally earn that consistent top 6 role and take the next step.....maybe Hoping to finally see what he can become.
  6. If bodies are moved out, Grabs would be a great addition in the bottom six at a cheap price, perfect for the flat cap. Depth scoring and another good PKer to go along with Motte.
  7. Makar's a great player, I'm just being a homer
  8. Makar COULD WIN a norris one day......Quinn WILL BE A PERENNIAL Norris favourite year in and year out
  9. I’ve been a Jake backer from the start. He’s got all the tools, just can’t seem to put it together long enough to be a consistent force. Not sure he’s gonna be a star, but he’s still a solid NHLer. Beginning to see him as more of a middle 6 tweener, which we’ve had enough of those the last few years. Agree that it might be time for him to move on.
  10. Some days it's hard being a Canucks fan. Super tough watching this game hoping for the best but thinking you know how it's gonna go watching the game unfold. The obvious perception is one team wanted it much more. The lack of offensive zone play, puck possession and lack of a proper break out (besides the lob to centre ice) was extremely hard to watch. It's a lot more exhausting chasing the puck around your own zone then playing in the opposition end. Having said all that, as tough as it was I can't wait for the next season to begin. The future is very bright. We learned some good lessons, watched our young guys grow and found out we have another superstar in the making. As bad as this season finished, it was much more successful then anyone could have thought. Given no respect by anybody, back in the playoffs, knocking off the champs, and coming back from 3-1 to lose in game 7 while being written off as an easy series win for Vegas. These next fews years are going to be super fun to watch. The rest of the league has been put on notice. The Canucks will be back. Everyone look out!
  11. Only saving grace is they got it quick and didn’t take 2 minutes off the clock
  12. Not gonna say Reaves was trying for a head shot, but he was trying to blow up our best penalty killer....premeditated?