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  1. That’s gotta suck. Draw a penalty shot, don’t get selected to take it and the other guy loses the puck into the corner
  2. Should be automatic, especially when it's been "league approved"
  3. Think outside the box and get league approval only to have rule changes allow the league to punish you after giving you the go ahead.
  4. How is Rafferty’s play in the DZone? Would he be capable of filling Stecher’s role on the 3rd pairing if he were to be traded at the deadline? Or does he need more time? Obviously his offensive numbers say he is, but how about defensively?
  5. Very promising. Will be fun to follow and see how he develops this season. If he pans out his style of play would be a great addition to the Canucks. Does anyone know his contract status? Can he sign/come over at the end of the season?
  6. The more I read about this kid, the more excited I get. A 1st round talent, the knock on him is his size. It doesn't seem to hold him back in Sweden. It may factor into him being able to make an impact right away once he comes to NA, but by the sound of his drive and competitiveness, I'm not going to worry about that. I'm sure he'll find a way to make an impact in a couple years. Really like the home run swings the Canucks took.
  7. With Mazanec and Leighton both UFAs, does Mikey go to Utica or spend another year in junior next season? Curious what people think.
  8. Probably. I kind of expect that. Either way, he's in a tough spot. Maybe if Marky is only DTD, does MD get sent back down once the new guy arrives?
  9. As much as I'd like to see Mikey D get another chance, as well as the team in from of him another chance to show better in front of him, I would be absolutely shocked if he was given another start. Even if Marky is unable to go, don't see the organization wanting to risk any chance of putting him through that again.
  10. Could be wrong but thought I heard on the radio yesterday JG was back with Owen Sound since he had just returned from injury.
  11. I agree, I'm just saying there's at least a couple years for Subban to establish himself before he's either traded or pushed farther down the depth chart and his shot at making it is over. As much as I would love to see him make it, I've got the feeling he's got to force his way into a few games this year or he may be forgotten. I'm not one to say he can't make it, but with other guys like Brisebois, Pedan, Holm, even Cederholm (I know they all have different styles and skillets), that there is going to be a larger pool of players to be calling up. Can't forget about OJ and Mceneny.
  12. How so? Boner going back to prep school this year and then to Harvard. That's 2 years minimum before he even gets a shot in Utica.