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  1. Long post, just spewing my thoughts into the retool/rebuild and the current state of our Canucks. IMO, some aspects of the retool set the rebuild back a few years but also was of overall benefit. The contracts handed out to Eriksson, Sutter, Roussel, and Beagle have set the rebuild back because of their value and term. To be fair, one would have anticipated Eriksson to not fall off a cliff offensively after having consistent offensive success throughout his career. Similarly, one would also have anticipated that Sutter would not be so injury prone after missing only 13 games in his 6 full NHL seasons prior to becoming a Canuck. That said, the Canucks did achieve playoff success last year in the bubble, winning the play-in round and the first round against the then-defending Stanley Cup champions. There is something of value in insulating youth with veterans to instil a winning culture, which Benning has talked about in the past. Look at the Buffalo Sabres as an example of what not to do, as they remain at the bottom of the league despite multiple top draft picks. I agree with Benning in that our timeline is in 2 years; however, it could have been now if it weren’t for the value and term of the contracts noted above. Had Benning not been as overtly generous to Eriksson/Sutter/Roussel/Beagle/etc. we would have had the cap space to re-sign a Toffoli and a Stecher [It was right to not re-sign Markstrom and Tanev, given the contracts that they received from the Calgary Flames]. Toffoli in the Top-6 would have been deadly, and Montreal would not have their leading goal-scorer. Stecher always paired well with Edler, and the two would have made a great bottom pairing with Benn and Juolevi as further depth. There is hope in that Benning’s more recent UFA signings and pending UFA re-signings have been on the fair-side, but still not that good. These include Tyler Myers’ 6 year, $36M contract (signed pre-COVID) and Tanner Pearson’s $3 year, $9.75M contract (signed during COVID). Boeser and Demko’s RFA deals have been widely considered as good at the time of signing. Apart from contract signings, the Achilles Heel of the Canucks stems from their coaching. When Green and the team are in synch they are a playoff caliber team (see the first two rounds of the Bubble Canucks). When things aren’t going well, the Canucks are a bottom 5 team in the NHL. The inconsistency of our play, our seemingly lack of a system, and our impotent PP is frustrating! Heck, our defensive zone coverage was a tire fire the whole season! Save for Clarke, a new coaching staff is needed. Green may have helped develop the likes of Horvat, Boeser, Pettersson, and Hughes, but he does not currently have the systems to have consistent success. A new head coach is needed and there are other “free agent” coaches or soon-to-be “free agent” coaches that could do better than Green. One thing is for certain: Baumgartner and Brown definitely need to be shown the door. It is frustrating as a Canucks fan to get the taste of playoff hockey last year and having the mistakes of our past severely limit us this year, but, things can be done/moves can be made to get rid of bad contracts and hire better than sub-par coaching. If Benning can’t/doesn’t navigate out of the mess he made, then when the new regime steps in at least all of the bad contracts will be gone. Cheers to everyone who supported the team with everything that happened this year, ‘cuz there was a lot! Here’s to hoping for a solid draft, Benning not going trigger happy on UFA spending and instead making savvy moves this offseason, retaining Clarke, and an upgrade on Baumgartner and Brown! Stay safe and see y’all back here at the draft!
  2. Not sure why Chatfield is dressed as the 7th defenseman. Could we not put in Michaelis and/or Roussel?
  3. I just realized.. if the Canucks can win both games against 4th place Montreal, we can tie them for the same amount of points! They would still have less games played, but still!
  4. Had the game PVRd and fast forwarded through all the stops in play/commercials/intermissions. Ended up taking 2 shots of tequila in an hour because I didn’t have any beers to shotgun. Plus another shot for the Canucks win. If Jake had some consistency in his game he would be a beast. His two goals were a bit of a fluke but he used his size and speed at both ends of the rink which led to his success tonight. He could’ve had a couple of apples tonight too as he made that nice little pass to Pearson and fed Horvat off the rush, who both couldn’t convert their chances. Historically, Jake is a very streaky player. Here’s hoping he goes on a bit of hot streak and Greener keeps him with Horvat until at least the trade deadline...
  5. Absolutely loved Juolevi’s game tonight. His best sequence was in the third period after Myers’ go ahead goal where he retrieved the puck in our zone and made the safe play to chip it up the boards past the forechecker Tkachuk. Tkachuk accidentally on purpose kicked Juolevi’s skates out from under him, and when Tkachuk got the puck moments later he got trucked by Juolevi. I am impressed with Juolevi’s willingness to play the body. He wasn’t scared to step up on Matthews a few games ago and levelled Tkachuk today. Once this kid gets stronger and quicker over the next few years opposing forwards are gonna hate playing against him.
  6. I would argue that the top-end of our defence has improved with the addition of Schmidt, and I also like Benning looking into OEL as well. In hindsight we now know how big an influence Tanev was on Hughes, but Tanev was also signed for a big number and his durability hasn’t been the greatest. Schmidt is an overall better player and better fit than Tanev moving forward, but Tanev and Hughes had undeniable chemistry and Tanev’s departure is sorely missed. I agree that Toffoli should have been priority number 1 with the price we paid to acquire him. I’m not sure of the numbers, but I wonder if a Sutter buyout and not qualifying/signing Virtanen would have been enough to re-sign Toffoli. Then again, who knew Virtanen would be this bad after a career year last year. Regardless of the roster players on this team, this team is very Jekyll and Hyde. There is no consistency with our game, and our “system” — if we even have one — is easily exploited with a hard forecheck from the opposing team or even just a high opposing team forward at the offensive blue line to cause turnovers. Turnover city.
  7. Myers had a good game — showed up with his effort and was rewarded with a good bounce for that shorthanded goal. Best moment of the game was the glove punch to Tkachuk and the hit on Giordano just before our last powerplay. Strong start to the season for him. As much as our special teams needs to be better, the whole effort level and gameplan needs to be better too. Not getting clean breakouts, lots of dump and chase, not leveraging the extra bodies on the taxi squad to have our bottom 6 play more physical. And then there’s the abysmal powerplay.
  8. According to the Canucks Instagram account, Miller is practicing with the team in Calgary today. I would assume he will play tomorrow unless there is another issue that we are unaware of.
  9. I think of all the overpaid bottom-6 contracts, only Roussel and to a lesser extent Baertschi are movable. I would be more inclined to move Roussel as his contract extends for another 2 easons, whereas Baertschi just has 1 more year left on his deal. I would go so far as to include a higher pick/prospect like a 2nd rounder or Lind to move Roussel, as that would open up $3M in cap space for a Top-6 forward on a short-term deal or a quality defenseman or even just open up more avenues via trade.
  10. IMO with the current flat-cap and the timeline for a return to play without restrictions in the number of fans able to attend being unknown, Benning should stand pat on any major signings (depth defensemen & depth forwards to round out the roster are OK) and give Virtanen that Top-6 RW forward spot, interchanging with Boeser to play alongside Petterson or Horvat. If Jake makes it, great! If not, no worries as we have two highly-touted prospects in Podkolzin and Hoglander that should be ready to take a Top-6 role in the next two to three years -- and on their ELCs to boot!
  11. If only we were one $6M dollar man short... Senators got good value with Dadonov at 3 years x $5M per!
  12. In the second buyout period the Canucks have an opportunity to buyout a contract worth over $4M. The only contract that would be worthwhile to buyout would be Brandon Sutter, which would provide the Canucks with $2.333M in cap relief this coming season, but cost $1.667M in cap the following season. Despite that, the Canucks would still need to dump money. We would have ~$4.333M in cap space after a potential Sutter buyout and still need to sign Virtanen, Gaudette, and a few spare defensemen. I believe we would also need to take into account the performance bonuses...
  14. With the cost of Devon Toews being 2 x 2nd Round Picks, does that also set the top-end cost for Erik Cernak? Two different types of defensemen, but both playing in a Top-4 role with a little over 20 minutes/game in the playoffs. Would a 2021 2nd and a 2022 3rd cut it for Cernak? As well, if the Canucks traded for Cernak and signed Vatanen should we then call it a free agency?
  15. We have so many contracts expiring over the next 1-2 years though. The only players signed after Hughes and Pettersson get their extensions are Horvat, Miller, Myers and Ferland on LTIR. Why wouldn’t we want to have a Top-6 winger signed to a 4 year deal at a less than expected AAV, as most fans were thinking Toffoli would come in at around $5M and not the bargain $4.25M.
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