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  1. Myers had a good game — showed up with his effort and was rewarded with a good bounce for that shorthanded goal. Best moment of the game was the glove punch to Tkachuk and the hit on Giordano just before our last powerplay. Strong start to the season for him. As much as our special teams needs to be better, the whole effort level and gameplan needs to be better too. Not getting clean breakouts, lots of dump and chase, not leveraging the extra bodies on the taxi squad to have our bottom 6 play more physical. And then there’s the abysmal powerplay.
  2. According to the Canucks Instagram account, Miller is practicing with the team in Calgary today. I would assume he will play tomorrow unless there is another issue that we are unaware of.
  3. I've been on the "fire Green" bandwagon but now IMO maybe we just need a better assistant coach with a better defensive system. Someone that can take our defense group to the next level.
  4. Juolevi and Rathbone, although both left-hand shot defenseman, would be the perfect modern-day defense pairing. The analytics in terms of zone exits, zone entries, and corsi-for would be off the charts. Juolevi has a bit more size and can better handle the defensive side of the game, and Rathbone is quick and not afraid to play physical. I think the two would complement each other perfectly, without sacrificing too much of the offensive or defensive side of things.
  5. Rathbone is a gem. Absolutely phenomenal skater, great offensive instincts, rocket shot from the point, and with +++ character.
  6. I was just thinking of the same play. Players have the right to defend themselves, but like the Marchand incident with Salo this was over the line and definitely into dirty territory. I'm sure the intent with Hoglander wasn't dirty, but the play itself ended up being dirty.
  7. RIP Raptors. At least they won a championship.

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    2. Coconuts


      I'm glad they won but I'm also glad he's leaving bc &^@# Toronto 

    3. drummer4now


      Honestly I can see Demar Derozan returning in a couple of years once his contract expires. 


      The Raptors are lucky they won that championship otherwise it would have been one of dumbest moves in sports history.. but I can see them being a crappy team for awhile now. 


      They need another superstar. 

    4. Quantum


      @drummer4now -- One of the dumbest move in sports history?!? Yikes. I wouldn't have called it *THAT* (there's a lot of more dumb moves) but it was definitely a risk that paid off.


      Demar may come back. Hard to say. But at the end of his deal, will he be needed?


      Also, I don't think you realize how bad the East actually is in the NBA. The Raptors will still be a playoff team but it'll be tough for them to get out of the 2nd round. They have some very good young players in Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet, and OG Anunoby... they also have one of the best G-League programs that has churned out NBA players and is responsible for the massive leaps Siakam and VanVleet, in particular, made.


      I have faith in this team and the Raptors do have one of the Top 3 NBA executives in Masai Ujiri manning the ship so it won't be as catastrophic as you think... They won't be able to repeat but at least they're not set up to die like the Cavs did when Lebron dumped them both times.

  8. Ray Ferraro brought up a good point: We improved our defense but where will our scoring come from? Pierre McGuire added that our PP has to be better and noted our new additions. McGuire went further, saying that if we have a Top-15 PP, we will be in the playoff hunt. Agree or disagree?

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      we’ve had trouble generating secondary scoring for quite awhile. hopefully, they find a scoring winger for bo and pearson. truth is we  don’t have much scoring from our 3rd and 4th line. we should get more from our defense, but if we don’t, we’ll falter again.

      teams know if they stop our top line, we struggle mightily. weaned output from baertschi, leivo, virtanen and roussel. gusev might help if he is picked up.

    3. Solinar


      Miller Pettersson Boesser  not hard to imagine 30 goals from each, 30 assists


      Pearson Horvat Eriksson  25 goals, 25 assist from this group, tho I'm high balling Eriksson on last years production when this line was put together


      Sutter Beagle Virtanen  We should be able to expect 15-20 goals from each person on this line.


      Roussel Gaudette Leivo  Should be able to rely on these guys to be in the 8-15 range for goals


      Then for the defense, if we can manage at least 10 goals apiece, that is another 60....


      Might need Markstrom to go for the long bomb a couple of times, but the goal output isn't unreasonable, and anything extra is just icing....exciting icing.


      Oh, and I forgot about Baertschi and Goldobin in this mix....I didn't forget about Schaller tho...but that's because I don't see him here except for injury call up.

  9. Congrats to Michael Del Zotto for winning the Stanley Cup!

    1. steve french

      steve french

      I didn't even realize he was with the blues. Just barely made 41 games or over too, so he will get his name on the cup, right?

  10. How do you spell relief? C-O-R-Y!

  11. DiPietro is amazing. The Finnish shooters couldn't beat him clean. He battles for every save. Definitely Canada's best player for the tournament.
  12. World Junior Gold Medal game tix going for $500+/ticket on Craigslist... oh man. 

    1. debluvscanucks


      I really hate scalpers a great deal.  Get real jobs like the rest of us.  It's one thing if you buy tickets then can't go.  It's another to buy them to make a profit. 

  13. I'm watching the replay. DiPietro was really good considering the Canadian defense hung him out to dry on both goals. He saved the partial breakaway but the Canadian defense couldn't clear the rebound in time, and on the second goal they left the Finnish player wide open -- it's like giving Russell Wilson 5 seconds without pressure of course he would find his spot! That said, does a bigger goalie cover up more net and not allow that second goal? As an aside, Finland dominated that first half of the second period. At 3:45 left in the second period Ray Ferraro says, "Since Canada has changed goaltenders, they have played almost exclusively in the Finnish end of the ice." Further, during the second intermission Bob McKenzie breaks down that second goal: "Marcus Phillips, number 18, he's got his man number 29 in front of net. The problem you run into here though, is Jarret Anderson-Dolan number 11 a forward, doesn't come over and seal off the man with the puck, and as a result, the man with the puck had way too much time. You could make an argument that Mikey DiPietro didn't make himself big in that situation, but that Finnish shooter could have ordered out for food at that point he had the puck for so long in a prime scoring area before Anderson-Dolan got over too little too late."
  14. Tanev and Gudbranson are good players, the former being better than the latter. That's said, Tanev is always involved in trade rumours and Gudbranson hasn't lived up to expectations since coming over. I wonder how much both of them factor into management's long-term plans. Maybe we trade Tanev sooner rather than later. Maybe Gudbranson stays for just the duration of his 3 year contract. No doubt, they are good pieces now that can help the team, but long-term we'll need another potential RHD prospect. Tryamkin, on the other hand, is a huge wildcard. If he does indeed return in a year or two he'll have the opportunity to step right into a top-4 role alongside Hughes or Juolevi. I hope he returns, but hope is not a strategy.
  15. Rathbone sure seems like a player. Possible late round steal, but IIRC had he chosen a different pathway instead of High School Hockey --> NCAA he would've been picked in the early rounds of the draft. He definitely has the talent for a top 100 draft pick. A possible left side of Hughes/Juolevi/Rathbone would solve all our puck-moving and offensive woes from the blueline. Hopefully Benning and Co and get complementary right-handed defensemen to play alongside them. Stecher is one (and already played bottom-4 minutes in the NHL), Woo looks like he could be a player as well.