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  1. I think of all the overpaid bottom-6 contracts, only Roussel and to a lesser extent Baertschi are movable. I would be more inclined to move Roussel as his contract extends for another 2 easons, whereas Baertschi just has 1 more year left on his deal. I would go so far as to include a higher pick/prospect like a 2nd rounder or Lind to move Roussel, as that would open up $3M in cap space for a Top-6 forward on a short-term deal or a quality defenseman or even just open up more avenues via trade.
  2. IMO with the current flat-cap and the timeline for a return to play without restrictions in the number of fans able to attend being unknown, Benning should stand pat on any major signings (depth defensemen & depth forwards to round out the roster are OK) and give Virtanen that Top-6 RW forward spot, interchanging with Boeser to play alongside Petterson or Horvat. If Jake makes it, great! If not, no worries as we have two highly-touted prospects in Podkolzin and Hoglander that should be ready to take a Top-6 role in the next two to three years -- and on their ELCs to boot!
  3. If only we were one $6M dollar man short... Senators got good value with Dadonov at 3 years x $5M per!
  4. In the second buyout period the Canucks have an opportunity to buyout a contract worth over $4M. The only contract that would be worthwhile to buyout would be Brandon Sutter, which would provide the Canucks with $2.333M in cap relief this coming season, but cost $1.667M in cap the following season. Despite that, the Canucks would still need to dump money. We would have ~$4.333M in cap space after a potential Sutter buyout and still need to sign Virtanen, Gaudette, and a few spare defensemen. I believe we would also need to take into account the performance bonuses...
  6. With the cost of Devon Toews being 2 x 2nd Round Picks, does that also set the top-end cost for Erik Cernak? Two different types of defensemen, but both playing in a Top-4 role with a little over 20 minutes/game in the playoffs. Would a 2021 2nd and a 2022 3rd cut it for Cernak? As well, if the Canucks traded for Cernak and signed Vatanen should we then call it a free agency?
  7. We have so many contracts expiring over the next 1-2 years though. The only players signed after Hughes and Pettersson get their extensions are Horvat, Miller, Myers and Ferland on LTIR. Why wouldn’t we want to have a Top-6 winger signed to a 4 year deal at a less than expected AAV, as most fans were thinking Toffoli would come in at around $5M and not the bargain $4.25M.
  8. Lmao I don’t even know what we can afford we must have an internal cap or something.
  9. I would look at a deal of Gaudette + Pick for Tuch. Vegas would be able to save $2M+ on cap and have a Gaudette as a 3rd line winger putting up 0.5PPG and a pick. Canucks get a big winger with speed and good takeaway numbers who would look good with Horvat. We also wouldn't need to sign Toffoli and the Canucks can then focus solely on our RD problem.
  10. Vatanen on the bottom pairing with Juolevi would be a good Finnish duo.
  11. Very low-risk signing. Unfortunately the fit wasn't right for Barrie in Vancouver.
  12. I wonder if Judd had a big say in this trade -- with the 37th pick the Wild select centre Marat Khusnutdinov who is currently playing in the KHL.
  13. I see this as being the offer on our side as well. I don't think we'd be able to fit everyone else under the cap (Markstrom, Toffoli, and one of Tanev or Stecher) if the cap dump going the other way is Sutter instead of Eriksson. The only other change in our offer that I could see is Rathbone instead of Juolevi, and a slightly lower downgrade of the pick to a 2nd rounder. Further, with the rumours that there is a lot of interest in Virtanen, it only shows that a young player with his combination of size, speed, and shot is a valuable commodity -- even if he gives our fanbase a lot of headaches! I'd pull the trigger on that deal to get OEL as our defense sorely needs an upgrade. We would have two elite defensemen on our top two pairings having an impact on ~45 minutes of the game, a *fresh* Alex Edler playing on the third pair and eating up the primary short-handed minutes, plus Rathbone coming up and Tryamkin waiting in the wings. IMO if you have the chance to acquire a top-pairing defenseman for less than the usual market value you do it. Especially if you have your top two stars on ELCs and money coming off the books in time to re-sign them.
  14. Eriksson to New Jersey for Schneider, then buyout Schneider. Add a small sweetener (mid-round pick, B-level prospect) if needed. Both Eriksson and Schneider have the same cap for the same amount of years; however, Schneider is owed $12M for the remainder of his contract whereas Eriksson is owed just $5M. There would be $7M in cash savings for New Jersey. A Schneider buy-out costs $2M/yr for the next 4 years, which would give the Canucks $4M in cap savings for the next 2 seasons, followed by a $2M cap hit for the following 2 years. If the Aquilini's could stomach a buy-out in a COVID/flat-cap world, it would be a great solution to clear $4M in cap for the next 2 years without giving up a big asset such as a first round pick or a top prospect.
  15. We had to have quicker shifts and tighter team defense to close out the third. We played so well against St. Louis doing that but it looks like fatigue had everyone watching and not getting into position/tying-up sticks.