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  1. Ray Ferraro brought up a good point: We improved our defense but where will our scoring come from? Pierre McGuire added that our PP has to be better and noted our new additions. McGuire went further, saying that if we have a Top-15 PP, we will be in the playoff hunt. Agree or disagree?

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      we’ve had trouble generating secondary scoring for quite awhile. hopefully, they find a scoring winger for bo and pearson. truth is we  don’t have much scoring from our 3rd and 4th line. we should get more from our defense, but if we don’t, we’ll falter again.

      teams know if they stop our top line, we struggle mightily. weaned output from baertschi, leivo, virtanen and roussel. gusev might help if he is picked up.

    3. Solinar


      Miller Pettersson Boesser  not hard to imagine 30 goals from each, 30 assists


      Pearson Horvat Eriksson  25 goals, 25 assist from this group, tho I'm high balling Eriksson on last years production when this line was put together


      Sutter Beagle Virtanen  We should be able to expect 15-20 goals from each person on this line.


      Roussel Gaudette Leivo  Should be able to rely on these guys to be in the 8-15 range for goals


      Then for the defense, if we can manage at least 10 goals apiece, that is another 60....


      Might need Markstrom to go for the long bomb a couple of times, but the goal output isn't unreasonable, and anything extra is just icing....exciting icing.


      Oh, and I forgot about Baertschi and Goldobin in this mix....I didn't forget about Schaller tho...but that's because I don't see him here except for injury call up.

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