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  1. RIP Raptors. At least they won a championship.

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    2. Coconuts


      I'm glad they won but I'm also glad he's leaving bc &^@# Toronto 

    3. drummer4now


      Honestly I can see Demar Derozan returning in a couple of years once his contract expires. 


      The Raptors are lucky they won that championship otherwise it would have been one of dumbest moves in sports history.. but I can see them being a crappy team for awhile now. 


      They need another superstar. 

    4. Quantum


      @drummer4now -- One of the dumbest move in sports history?!? Yikes. I wouldn't have called it *THAT* (there's a lot of more dumb moves) but it was definitely a risk that paid off.


      Demar may come back. Hard to say. But at the end of his deal, will he be needed?


      Also, I don't think you realize how bad the East actually is in the NBA. The Raptors will still be a playoff team but it'll be tough for them to get out of the 2nd round. They have some very good young players in Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet, and OG Anunoby... they also have one of the best G-League programs that has churned out NBA players and is responsible for the massive leaps Siakam and VanVleet, in particular, made.


      I have faith in this team and the Raptors do have one of the Top 3 NBA executives in Masai Ujiri manning the ship so it won't be as catastrophic as you think... They won't be able to repeat but at least they're not set up to die like the Cavs did when Lebron dumped them both times.

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