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  1. RIP Raptors. At least they won a championship.

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    2. Quantum


      @Sikhguy23 -- I know they do but I can't help but feel like this Lebron/AD pairing is going to be a lot like the Dwight Howard/Kobe Bryant pairing from a few years back. Both the same ages and both coming off injuries that derailed there seasons. In my mind, Anthony Davis left the Pelicans of New Orleans to go to the Pelicans of LA. It won't be the most fun ride for him. He really does come off as his era's version of Dwight Howard... more interested in the lifestyle of being an NBA superstar than actually being an NBA star.

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    4. Alflives


      Only 15 million committed after this coming season.  Already rumoured Ujuri will be after The Greek Freak. 

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