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  1. Chase it with a cold shot... greatest combo ever.
  2. yeah, that's always nice when it happens, isn't it... Easy fix, if you ask me Oh hai...
  3. Oh man, here I was thinking this was the 'ask a gumball' thread, my apologies sir! Gumball: how many WN'ers would you say could use a good lay right about now?
  4. Whatever happened to the late night lounge/daylight chat or whatever it was titled threads?!
  5. I think that's achievable without looking malnourished like av's posts... I think magikal's post embodies what my take of thigh gaps are... and I'd say mine is comparable, just much more tan lol.
  6. Exactly. Ave your posts were of extremes.. thigh gaps are hot. And can be found on healthy bodies too.
  7. Alright then. You do seem down. Cheer up mister! There may be others I won't be surprised if I lose mine soon... I'm an emotional eater and have gained about 5 pounds already. Sigh. Hey! No they don't!
  8. Certainly has some addictive qualities to it.... Lol, good thing for us curves are hawt... I could probably eat a jar of that stuff myself! Yeah, how could you not?!?! It's so creamy and white.... It better not... cause that'd make me one too
  9. How amazing is tartar sauce? Mmm,mmmmmmmm.
  10. No worries, October and all the W's are not far away agreed.... SAD showing it's ugly face? It's been super dark lately
  11. You bleed, cramp and be bitchy and/or emotional for a week every month THEN get back to me >.<
  12. Uh oh... well I'm outta suggestions then. Personally I'd just like my ovaries removed all together..
  13. Lol, you're not alone. Really now... we'll I look forward to melting then Hodor, you really should consider the pill if you're not already on it.
  14. It's better than becoming a raging b*tch that everyone's afraid to approach... lol!
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