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  1. Thought I've seen some questionable ref'ing before this but wow...

  2. Yeah, what Brahma Bull said!

  3. Yeaah I wasn't able to get on myself. Hopefully time! :)

  4. Not sure if I can make it tonight though but I'll try..

  5. I've been around a little!

    360's > PS3! :P

  6. :) He's doing great thanks! I think I might be able to catch tonight's poker, though I've pretty much completely forgotten all you had taught me and will probably be the first one out lol!
  7. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  8. Missed you too ^^

    How's "Aiden"? :P

  9. Well, its nice to see you've come out for the time being. I hope it stays this way :)

  10. I don't know - a rock? haha.

  11. Hey! Where've you been hiding stranger?

  12. Happy Birthday Ballard! <3

    1. CanucksLegacy


      Happy 29th b-day Ballard!!

  13. Thanks, I hope so too >.<