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  1. Kits Beach saw their challenge and raised them
  2. The only things you can get delivered here are Booze and Pizza. The cab company has even been closed since corona has closed everything.
  3. Only about 8 hours north of Vancouver... so central really... geographically. But the Canadian tire and the Walmart both had the single store highest sales in my town for all of Canada for the month of April . In fact, my buddy’s wife manages the Canadian tire in town and said April was their best month in 25 years of being open.
  4. Yup. That’s what I hate. I personally don’t believe the virus is as bad as what they’re trying to convince us it is. But I try to social distance to respect those that do. I’ve noticed that the Safeway in my city has done very well at putting measures in place. The 3 I previously mentioned are horrendous up here.
  5. Maybe down south... up north it’s a free for all
  6. Don’t congregate in large numbers..... unless you go to Walmart, Canadian tire or save on.... those places are immune to it.
  7. How does something slowly speed up?
  8. Lol played a small sample size there. Only was ever in 1 game vs the Spruce Kings there. But my uncle has some Stories about that place and not being sure if they’d make it out alive.
  9. It’s a sad state of affairs if you think about it. You sacrifice watching your own children growing up and your prime years just to have a few years when your body is breaking down and memory is starting to slip. It should work the other way.... you should work 2 days/week and get 5 off while raising children
  10. Lol I’d be lying if I said that was in my time period. Although I do recall heading out west that way and Walmart not being there.
  11. Oh well. What has anyone between 60-85 ever done that’s good anyways? They lived in the most prosperous and promising times and P***ed it away for all future generations...
  12. college heights and DP Todd were even worse.
  13. Don’t Trust those high school people if they went to school in PG. high school there was equivalent to grade 6 elsewhere
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