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  1. All you haters out there on CDC - you have officially lost the right to whine and complain about this team!
  2. Whoa, that's basically the year 2020 summarized in a bowl of cereal for me.
  3. Awesome collection Wilbur. Thanks for taking the time to upload the photos. Fun to click through them, and lots of cards I haven't seen before. I love that Odjick card! I thought for sure I would have a Mark Wotton or Grant Ledyard I could send you because I have loads of '96 Leaf and '98 Score cards but I guess not..
  4. No, but seriously the Bures on the beach should be in everyone's top 5, haha! I also really like how both goalie cards from that set show them stickhandling the puck
  5. Don't worry, we haven't seen the last of OJ. Chatfield has been really solid defensively though.
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