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  1. Chatfield looked really good. He can definitely stay. If Edler is injured i guess Benn is in on for next game
  2. It is not about moving the puck. Our PP1 actually moves the puck very well. The problem is that the player are not moving. Boeser and Petey stand at the same spot passing it back and forth from Boeser to Hughes to Petery and back. They are standing there without moving which makes it easy for defenders to read the play and block shots and intercept passes.
  3. Yeah, hockey does the same thing too. But I don't think Green implemented a plan to have someone shadow McDavid this game because he probably thought the plan from the previous game worked so it would've worked in this game as well. Plus, a lot of people don't talk about this but McDavid has incredible edge work. What I mean by edge work is the ability to go West/East on a dime. Most hockey players are good at going North/South which is going up and down the ice. But not a lot of players are good at going North/South and then transitioning to West/East while on top speed. That is why you see quite a bit of people who can sometimes catch up to McDavid but fall is because McDavid goes West/East on a dime and people trying to catch him falls because not everyone can go their top speed and turn on a dime.
  4. What? McDavid had a lot of chances last night. He just didn't convert. Im a die hard Canuck fan too. But I am not so homer that i can't recognize skill and talent from other players not wearing a Canucks jersey
  5. Skill wise, he is the best to have ever played (so far). But unless he wins some cups then he won't be among the greatest like Crosby, Gretzky or Lemieux.
  6. Gretzky, Lemieux and Orr cannot do what McDavid does. McDavid can do what all three of them can in terms of skill. Don't be bitter because McDavid is unravelling our team.
  7. Everyone needs to chill. The best hockey player to have ever played the game is on a mission tonight to win. We are bound to let in goals and look stupid.
  8. Mcdavid is going to come out flying and score a pretty goal for sure. Hopefully we can get just 1 goal more than the "Failers"
  9. Whos the woman who asked Green a question? She was the only one who asked a decent question. All the other "journalists" ask the dumbest questions like "What is the importance of scoring more goals than the other team?" or "Do you think it is important for the new guys to play hard to show themselves that they can make the NHL team?" They must've gotten their degrees from clown college.
  10. Finally! I have been saying this since forever. Hopefully Green keeps Virtanen on the PK
  11. Podz has a work attitude that is to be admired. Looking forward to April when we can sign him.
  12. Going to post this here before the season starts. I still believe Juolevi is going to be a better pick than Tkachuk. Even if I were to go back in time, I would still pick Juolevi over Tkachuk because I believe Juolevi will be a very good top 4 dman.