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  1. So you trade Gaudette, who is not producing this season but there is effort and skill. But keep Virtanen......
  2. Not sure what you are talking about Eichel being a cancer. But I see Eichel as more elite than Petey and his value is at an all time low. Dahlin is also low in value and though Hughes is better offensively, Dahlin is better defensively and is also very good offensively.
  3. Hmm, at first i thought you are crazy. But the more I thought about it the more I like it. When it comes to skill and overall impact, Eichel > Petterson and Dahlin > Hughes. I realize all the diehards will chew me out because Im choosing other players over our own drafted ones. To counter, I was one of the very few people who saw the potential in Petterson during his draft year while all of you wanted Vilardi or Glass. In terms of skills, skating, and power, there is no denying that Eichel is better and Eichel is a true center. When it comes to Dahlin, Hughes has better Offensi
  4. Podz is an awkward skater. But he has drive, skill and strength which would make him formidable on a line with Horvat.
  5. I wonder if JB will finally see the light and start selling players. Like my god....
  6. Because Miller can carry a line, make plays and score. If Jake could do it, we would not be complaining but he can't, so we are. Got it?
  7. Really. Then why is Gaunce not in the NHL then? What about Horvat?
  8. Because even if the teams above us play .500 for the rest of the season. We still wouldn't be able to catch up even if we play ~0.600 of our games. So yeah, start selling before more sellers enter the market.
  9. Yeah, tells them you guys $&!# the bed in the beginning of the season. Do it again next season and you will be traded.
  10. Its time to sell for gods sake. The canucks did well to get 3 points from Montreal. But they had to win 2-0 in regulation to even has a slimmer of hope to make the playoffs.
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