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  1. This. Im glad you mention this. I hate how most of the people here fall in love with BC hockey players just because they are born here. I personally don't give a s*** about where you are from as long as you can play hockey. But most people on this forum just want homers like Virtanen and Evander Kane
  2. Man this guy is cancer. Where ever he goes, his teammates hate him.
  3. This. Nobody thinks of the future in the organization. Benning has basically closed the cup window for this team to 2 years by getting the OEL contract, signing Myers and etc. If the Canucks don't make the playoffs this year, it would mean OEL truly doesn't live up to his contract. The overall team has regressed and it will be 6 more long years before Canucks can be in contention again.
  4. Kraken might offersheet Petterson. Why does everyone think GMs won't do this? Because it will hurt the other GM's feelings? Payback? Lol, GMs only care about making their team better and making $$ for the owner. Signing Petterson will tell the Seattle fans that they are aiming to win next year and will be a middle finger to us; their direct regional and divisional rival.
  5. This. If Benning can get rid of Myers and Schmidt for Dougie and Hamonic. I would tip my hat to Benning
  6. Oof, Blue Jackets messed up picking Johnson. But whatever at least its not the Canucks
  7. LOL To all you Benning lovers, we had 1 year left on LE, Roussel, and Beagle. BUT NOW we have 6 years left on OEL who is declining rapidly as a dman Good job Benning. You out-GM yourself again.
  8. I think Seattle might offer sheet Petterson. They have 33 million in cap space and they can make Petterson their face of the franchise while sticking it to us.
  9. Yeah Coronato can pass, shoot, and deke and plays a 200 foot game. BENNING GET IT DONE
  10. Hm.... Sillinger looks okay but not that impressed. I don't see him being a regular top 6 in the NHL but maybe as a support player in top 6 but will definitely not drive his line. Probably top 9 in the NHL.
  11. Great. We lost Lind. I see Lind being a future top 6 in the NHL and now he will be with our direct rival.
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