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  1. I only watched the highlights but I am still worried about PP1. I still say remove Miller. It is very easy to tell what Miller wants to do on the PP. Just look at this 5 v 3. He is literally looking at Petey and telling everyone where he was passing it to, he just got lucky the PK didn't catch it. I have seen so many times where Miller telepaths his plays like this. It is pretty frustrating.
  2. Though it is still early. If we don't make the playoffs this year, Benning has to be fired.
  3. Oofs what a bad game for us. Hopefully we win against the Hawks or else we are screwed....
  4. Damn Rathbone is so good. Remove Miller from PP1 and put Rathbone there
  5. Yeah he's being looking to pass a lot. He needs to shoot that and we can get some rebounds.
  6. Yeah not sure wth he was doing when he passed that puck to Hoglander when they were both going to the net. Shoot the puck man you are in prime scoring zone
  7. The problem is Miller, Hughes and Petterson. They cannot be the main ones who control plays on the PP.
  8. Yeah not sure what Green was thinking putting one of the slowest guys on the team (Chiasson) with Miller and Petey while pitting their line against the 2 most dominant players in the league and one of the fastest player(McDavid) in the league. We got lucky they actually only scored once when the duo was on the ice.
  9. Yeah, Landeskog was looking to hurt him. Avs got lucky its only 2
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