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  1. Yup. I’m gonna watch and applaud them no matter the outcome.
  2. Let’s see if Jimbo can off load Holtby in the off season for a cheaper back up
  3. I get the feeling Luongo is somehow involved in Clark not signing an extension here yet.
  4. If his pants weren't so damn tight and had a shirt on, this wouldn't have happened.
  5. Let’s hope the kid plays and wins a championship and prepares to dominate the NHL come Oct or Nov or whenever the next season begins.
  6. So does anyone know this Brendan Williamson kid from Chilliwack that got cut from the TBirds for mocking a black kid on the team?
  7. Can’t believe Myers was gassed there. I remember playing 3 minutes shifts and not wanting to come off after the line change buzzer went off back in Novice. What’s up with these so called elite athletes these days?
  8. I’ll be fine getting relegated to the ECHL. This team would have trouble beating an Allen Cup contender.
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