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  1. I don't think gaining 90k in his 3 years left on his contract is a factor. Maybe he wants to play on an NHL team rather than AHL squad that seems like they are always on vacation in south beach.
  2. Since Tanev became a regular on our blue line, we have not had much success. Great team mate, excellent defensively and blocks shots with no fear. But to pay him anything over 5 million would be a mistake.
  3. Time to move on and focus on strengthening our biggest weakness. Defence. I’m sure if we dangle BB6 and Virt together. They should bring us a top 4 Dman in return.
  4. I’m just glad we have one of the best young Dman in the league. Hopefully one of Rathbone, Rafferty, Juolevi ir Woo turn into that solid partner Hughes needs.
  5. If Marky wants anything north of 6.5 per year, JB has to let him walk. We need to focus on our D and signing TT73. If that means letting Marky walk and trading one of Boeser or Virt to stabilize our right side defence. Then so be it. We are not the only team that are going to lose a player to free agency.
  6. If Ekblad is available the price will be high. I would be ok with BB6 and Virt going the other way for Ekblad. Even throw in another prospect on top of those two. But that might not even be enough because some other team will give em the farm if they are close to winning.
  7. Guy has to accept a cheap deal with a team that has an inexperienced starter to work his way back up to being the go to guy. There will be teams looking for a veteran back up at a reduced salary like Col, Was, STL, and Pitt to name a few. He may be a good to back up Demko if the price is right.
  8. Petey in 2 years will be unstoppable. Hopefully things get sorted out with this Covid bs and the cap goes up so we can afford to keep our core together for the next half decade at the very least. Gotta hope Podz and Hogs work out and be key contributors while on an ELC.
  9. BB6 does not seem like a guy who would want the pressure of being the home town guy that is supposed to produce on a consistent basis. Here he can hide behind the likes of Petey, J.T. , Bo and Quinn when the going gets tough. The last thing he wants or needs is the city turning on him and his whole family when he goes on an extensive goal scoring drought. Realistically we have to be open to trading him before his next contract is up. He will be getting a minimum 7.5 million qualifying offer and that might be too rich because Quinn and Petey will be making elite money.
  10. FFS give the guy a raise to keep him here.
  11. Sutter Boeser to Minny for Dumba and a decent prospect or 2nd rounder would work. Shed some salary to retain Tanev or save it for the trade deadline or next years UFA class.
  12. Deboers comments should make Benning's decision to let Marky walk a lot easier. Use that money to lock up TT73 and Tanev for a few more years.