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  1. I’ve been duped. All these years of buying ice and using up fridge space has me up in arms.
  2. I remember a few years back listening to Burrows do color for a couple preseason games and he pointed out so many minor things that the forwards were doing and not doing that the average fan wouldn’t think about. That’s when I knew he would get into coaching.
  3. Legion of Doom line was one heck of a line. No line in today’s game can come close to emulating them.
  4. I want a player with BB6 shot, Nathan MacKinnon’s speed, Patrick Kane’s hands, Horvat’s face off skills, Petey’s one timer, Bergeron’s defensive game, Tom Wilson’s decapitating hits, Barkov’s passing, Brendan Gallagher’s tenacity and Matt Martin’s toughness. is that too much to ask?
  5. Habs are gonna be in tough tomorrow. NHL wants LGK and Tampa as the marquee matchup for sure. After losing huge money the past 16 months. No way they let NYI or MTL in the final without their input
  6. That’s a soft call in preseason hockey. And the trip/slash on Barzal should have been called.
  7. 3 year deal at 2.75 per year would be good for us. Any longer or more expensive would hurt us when Rathbone and Podz need to be re-upped.
  8. Just shut down Vegas’ top two lines and the Habs have a chance. Easier said than done. Knights top six is as good as it gets.
  9. Imagine if this kid turns into a Mark Stone type of player
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