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  1. There is no way coach Q and the assistant GM Chevy were left in the dark about this situation. If Bowman is unemployed for this, those two should be also. But we all know the league is working OT tonight to figure a way out of this. The last thing they want is a success story in 2 small markets losing 2 big pieces of that puzzle. Especially in today’s economic landscape. I think the response will be as comical as this one.
  2. I just started drinking Scotch. It tastes much better now than 20 years ago. I don’t have a preferred brand or blend yet. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. And what is the proper terminology to order a Scotch with ice and a splash of water? Or is that a no no?
  3. i think his kid has every single jersey in the league too. Always has an opposing teams tarp on. I'd say something to him but his dad looks like he knows a few shady folks
  4. Please don’t let the Kraken fans put us to shame tomorrow night. Whoever is going to be in attendance I hope you lose your voice by the end of the game. Do not disappoint me
  5. Green will be public enemy number 1 if he doesn’t slot Podz into the home opener roster. We do have last change so keep him away from Minny’s top two lines will not be too much of a challenge. maybe try this lineup at practice tomorrow. Pearson Bo Garland Miller Dick Boeser Hogs Petey Podz Dowling JL Highmore
  6. Was hoping he kept 83 so I only had to change the name bar on my Beagle jersey.
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