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  1. JT Miller with one of his worst yet most productive games ever.
  2. Frickin Demko. Just doubled his GAA in one game. Time to look for a true #1 goalie. Lolol
  3. Nice having a true #1 goalie to depend on when the skaters are sluggish and the opponents come out guns a blazing.
  4. Remember last year when Petey hit 6 posts before finally getting one? Good to see the hockey gods paying him back
  5. the Siberian freight train gets the boys going. What a beauty that kid is. We may have that elusive third line scoring threat.
  6. Hirsch “look what happens when he plays with good players?” As Podz scores while playing the 4th line.
  7. The guys did just fly across the continent after a hard fought game in Edmonton to an arena they haven’t played in in almost 2 years. Let’s give em a mulligan.
  8. Damn has Sportsnet ever gone downhill in a hurry. When is that stupid 12 year deal done? TSN better be ready to ante up.
  9. Double shift him on the first and third line all night. Those young bucks should be able to handle that.
  10. We tried to find that top pairing dman through the draft. so far JB is batting .500 in the first round.
  11. but they want to clamp down on those horrific little crosschecks to the back. What a joke
  12. What’s with JT checking in on Keith? He should have finished him with a high cross check
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