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  1. None of this is new. This team has been this way for a while. Can't sustain offensive zone pressure, can't prevent defensive zone entries, get stuck in their own end for minutes at a time, rinse and repeat. Markstrom just did an amazing job covering it up last season.
  2. Yeah, pretty sure most of us don't. GM searches are always a bit finnicky. Sometimes you pick someone who seems to be doing a good job as an assistant somewhere and they end up being like Paul Fenton. No guarantees that the next GM after Benning (whenever that happens) is an upgrade. That being said, that risk shouldn't stop the team from trying if they deem it necessary.
  3. If the team is going with the clean house route, I want fresh blood. No disrespect to either Linden or Gillis, but I frankly think the team needs new faces with no ties to the current organization. Doesn't mean they have to be first-timers at their roles, however.
  4. How the Edler-Chatfield pairing has been allowed to exist for this long is beyond me.
  5. Apparently a headache to coach and abrasive with his teammates. Political views aside, no thanks. Also, the rumours about a postgame altercation appear to be true:
  6. The only thing less accurate than a Dion Phaneuf point shot is a Metro Vancouver snow forecast.
  7. 169-0 Montreal. An angry Claude Julien negotiates a deal with some nearby aliens to use their spaceship to abduct all the Canucks' healthy defencemen in retaliation for the Myers hit. Hughes is the only one who escapes the spaceship's tractor beam because of his height. Left with only one defenceman, Green summons Eriksson from the taxi squad to play with Hughes for the entire game. Realizing the long odds, the remaining Canucks players, including Holtby, protest this injustice by lying face-down one by one across the blueline. Tyler Toffoli ends up scoring all 169 goals.
  8. I'm gonna predict that the starting goalie scores the first goal for every season opener going forward and one of these years I'll be right. Holtby top corner snipe.
  9. Does anyone know if Hoglander has expressed any preference to how he wants his name pronounced? I've keep saying his name with the umlaut 'ö', but I sense that most people will call him 'Hog'-lander.
  10. Don't forget Twitter. I don't know about anyone else, but it seems like social media has become even more of a toxic cesspool over the last couple of years. Can't be mad at the Americans. They played better when it mattered.
  11. Brad Marchand

    NFL thread

    This is what you get when you search for 'tank' on Twitter:
  12. Would be funny to see if corporate sponsors would pay CDC users to shill them in posts. This post was brought to you by Capilano Audi.
  13. Probably waiting for Ferland to be placed on LTIR before they can formally sign a contract.