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  1. It's funny that you consistently pick on Boeser for not being a complete forward but you're willing to give Virtanen a free pass because he 'scores goals'. There's a reason Boeser, Hoglander, and Pettersson haven't received the same treatment Virtanen did from Green. There's a lot more to being a useful top 6 forward than just scoring goals. Among other things, he can't cycle, has limited vision and awareness and doesn't win puck battles. When Virtanen doesn't have the puck, he might as well not be on the ice at all.
  2. I don't know if they need to outright sell, since their biggest trade chips (Semein and Ray) would both net the Jays a compensatory draft pick if the team qualies them and they walk in free agency, but there's no way I want to see them go shopping for rentals. The bullpen obviously is an issue (and the bullpen management to be frank), but so is this team's ability to hit in the clutch. Seems they only ever win blowout games. I don't know if there's an in-season fix for that. Actually, on that last point, if the Jays can make a move to bolster the bottom of the order, th
  3. Gotta appreciate the Habs for pouring some gasoline on the expansion draft. This is gonna keep people talking for days.
  4. Nearly 2 pages in and not even a single mention of the greatest to ever lace them up, Jayson Megna.
  5. Nate Schmidt wants you.

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Nate Schmidt was in the navy???



  6. Abbotsford Anemones or I riot.
  7. Was gonna say you jinxed the no-no earlier, but NBD. A great outing from Alek, anyway. It's impressive and yet mildly infuriating that this team is only 3 games above .500 despite having a +74 run differential (including today's current score).
  8. I find it hilarious that Montreal's playoff success bothers you that much. You want the hard truth? The Leafs can't deal with pressure, have a core group of players that can't elevate their games when teams start checking them more tightly, and don't have the depth to compensate for it. If your definition of good is winning regular season games, then great. Maybe that helps you sleep at night, but you're delusional if you think anyone with any shred of credibility in the world of hockey, including your own team's GM and president, believes that the Leafs have earned any respect for bei
  9. If the Stanley Cup was awared to the best regular season team, the best teams would try harder during the regular season, it's that simple. Most of the important trophies available to be won in team sports are awared to the winner of playoff tournaments. If your team isn't good enough to win even a single round of that tournament, your team isn't that good, plain and simple.
  10. I'd say a fair number of people here are cheering for Vegas to lose rather than cheering for Montreal to win. At least I am.
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