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  1. TSN produced a half-hour documentary on the subject, which is where the Kesler quotes come from:
  2. If Jonathan Marchessault was a Leaf, he would have even more people trying to waste his time.

  3. Apparently any capital gains from funds invested in an RCA are subject to a 50% refundable tax, so that definitely limits how much you can use RCA funds to invest.
  4. Apparently Allan Walsh directly addressed the video via Twitter: NHL players in Canada are allowed to set up Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) that allow them to defer access to up to 50% of their earnings until retirement. From a tax perspective, this works similarly to an RRSP where you defer accessing savings until your tax rate is lower, except in this case, the benefit would come from moving somewhere where the tax rate is lower when you retire. More about that here: Obviously it's different from being taxed at a lower rate while you're still playing, but players on Canadian teams still have options to avoid paying higher taxes if they're willing to wait to access some of their earnings.
  5. Grand Slam rules very clearly indicate that abuse of the ball can be punished with a default. In pretty much every previous instance of a player hitting an umpire, linesperson, or ballperson with a ball at the ATP level, the player has been punished with a default. The penalty assessed to Djokovic doesn't break any precedents. In any event, it's entirely his responsibility to avoid hitting people with balls he hits out of frustration. He has no one to blame but himself and even his apology acknowledges this. Big opening for Shapovalov, though. His quarterfinal opponent happens to be the player that Djokovic defaulted the match to.
  6. Gotta think Demko turning on God mode is still in their heads a bit. 2 non-empty net goals in 4 games now.
  7. 169-0 Knights. While lining up for the opening faceoff, Antoine Roussel tells Ryan Reaves that he is a person. The refs proceed to give him 30 consecutive minor penalties for 'conduct detrimental to the sport'. Travis Green is also given 30 consecutive minor penalties for raising his left eyebrow. A digusted Markstrom protests this atrocity by lying face-down behind his net for the entire game. In an act of solidarity, the other three Canucks skaters form a human wall in front of the net by lying one on top of the other, while all the Canucks on the bench sit with their backs to the ice and towels raised on their sticks. After the game, Ryan Reaves is awared the Conn Smythe Trophy. A confused yet proud Reaves gives a short acceptance speech featuring nothing but chicken noises.
  8. Lost me at Tyler Madden as 'defensive depth'.
  9. You can now add 'UEFA Champions League winner' to Alphonso Davies' resume.
  10. Someone posted the clip on Reddit: Direct Streamable link:
  11. Wonder if this had anything to do with it:
  12. Body camera footage from last year's police shoving incident involving Masai Ujiri. Not much to say here that the footage doesn't: Seriously, f*** that cop.
  13. The Bruins had more goals than the Hurricanes had shots in that period, yeesh.