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  1. Here while the four-way AL Wild Card tie is still possible. Found a Reddit post that lays it out nicely if that somehow happens: More reading about all the tiebreak scenarios here: https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/2021-mlb-playoffs-every-tiebreaker-scenario-explained-as-al-wild-card-nl-west-races-go-down-to-the-wire/
  2. We'll likely forget about this years from now if they live to their contracts.
  3. The Jays chased their boogeyman Ryan Yarbrough out of the game. They also have a team OPS above 1.000 this month, which is ridiculous:
  4. I thought to myself on Monday that if the Blue Jays swept the Yankees, they'd be just a half game back in the Wild Card race. Well look what they just did.
  5. Brad Marchand


    Collecting my receipts, I started posting about Leylah before it was cool. This all happened so quickly, it almost doesn't seem real. What an epic run.
  6. Brad Marchand


    Yeah, I definitely think he's the type of player that will peak a bit later into his twenties when his mental skills catch up with his physical talent, at least that's what I hope. I have similar thoughts about Felix, although I think he's made good progress in that regard this year.
  7. Brad Marchand


    Last year's US Open, incidentally. Denis, Felix, and Vasek all made it to round 4 but only Denis made it to the quarters. There's a lot I have to say about Denis' current playstyle, but the biggest thing I'd like to see from him is more patience and variety. He relies heavily on going for winners with very little margin for error and it leads to lots of hot and cold stretches in his form. Today he looked especially frustrated the whole match because things weren't clicking for him.
  8. Brad Marchand


    He couldn't hit through Harris today and it frustrated the hell out of him. 3 Canadians into round 4 is still pretty good, though.
  9. So this is where we get a hold of Marchand's passport and change his name to 'Michael'?
  10. Brad Marchand


    Leylah hasn't been getting the same amount of attention as Felix, Denis, and Bianca, so it's great to see her have a signature moment of her own. This is Canada's golden generation of tennis players, each of them 22 and under as well. Many great years ahead for all of them.
  11. Nice when it's the other team's bullpen blowing it for a change. Even with their ups and downs this year, the Jays have been fun to watch. Lots to be optimistic about going forward regardless of whether they make the playoffs this season.
  12. Groups are already out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_hockey_at_the_2022_Winter_Olympics_–_Men's_tournament I brought up Canada laying a beatdown on China because they're in Group A along with Germany and the United States. I want to see each of those teams mercilessly run up the score.
  13. I'm sorta on the fence about this. I won't complain too hard about a boycott, but part of me really wants to see Canada light up China for 50 goals. Their team is ranked 32nd in the world, the next lowest-ranked team to qualify for the Olympics is ranked 12th. Imagine McDavid, MacKinnon, Crosby and Makar skating circles around those guys, it would be a bloody massacre. Every other team in that group would also destroy China by at least 20-30 goals if they went all out the entire game.
  14. Had the honour of being there in person to witness her first golden goal. Still remember the ovation she got during the medal ceremony, only Wickenheiser got a louder one. A true legend of her sport. Watching Turnbull receiving her medal while on a stretcher was definitely something (and to be honest a bit hilarious). Hope she recovers in time for the Olympics.
  15. The NHL series needs its own Devon Butler, but instead of pushing him off the track, you beat his ass in a fight.
  16. Over/under on how many threads we'll see before next year's draft saying the Canucks should draft this guy?: https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/641020/elias-pettersson

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    2. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      On a similar note, we had Taylor Hall on the Canucks in the 1980s.

    3. Elias Pettersson

      Elias Pettersson

      Who is Elias Pettersson?

    4. 6of1_halfdozenofother


      But does he have a picture of himself as a kid in the flying skate paraphenalia?

  17. Imagine throwing 6 scoreless innings just to watch your reliever lose the game on one pitch.
  18. The importance of being home. With all due respect to Buffalo, I don't think they could have pulled this off any place else.
  19. Not as much shame as the Americans should have felt when they watched the Canadians receive gold medals right in front of them. They'll never say it out loud, but they probably enjoyed that. Actually, on that note, gotta respect Abby Wambach for this:
  20. I honestly regret bringing it up to begin with because I only saw a few of these comments. Couldn't score from open play, got lucky with penalties, blah blah blah, doesn't matter when they won.
  21. To be clear, I don't think it was a fluke, but some people inevitably will say it. I really shouldn't care, to be honest.
  22. Absolutely. Just wanted to get the narrative that Canada fluked their way to a gold medal out of way. Maybe they did, but who cares?
  23. Canada won a gold medal by only winning twice (matches decided in penalties technically aren't recorded as wins), scoring six goals in six matches and not scoring once from open play in the entire knockout stage. That's as hilarious as it is impressive. Certainly not complaining, though. They defended brilliantly all tournament.
  24. Someone also made a transcript of the Steve Dangle podcast above. It's a pretty tough read:
  25. I don't want to come off as salty, but I haven't forgotten the travesty that was the 2012 Olympic semifinal, so it felt like poetic justice to see the Americans done in by a VAR penalty decision.
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