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  1. I really hope they do so many people have no clue who there family members are because of residential schools my mother in law only just recently discovered the rest of her family.
  2. I would love to have Subban in Vancouver of course he have a bad cap hit but if NJ were to retain like 30% cap but I doubt they would take this deal without sending a draft pick or 2 back
  3. yup I change my worst to Dougie Hamilton for 9 Mil 7 years thats the worst signing this off season oh man thats beyond terrible.
  4. Tyson Barrie for worst and maybe Jaden Schwartz by Seattle for the best I see a lot of signings and dunno none of them really scream out to me as being one of the better signings
  5. Not surprised glad he is gone. I Liked the pick originally but as he developed I really started to hate the pick more and more unfortunately not every pick pans out so the team moves on now.
  6. Not too bad sucks to lose a prospect but I mean it could of been a lot worse like St Louis or Dallas lol
  7. Sad to see him go but it's time for a change in Vancouver good luck to Edler
  8. No way Kane has been a cancer in the locker room don't need that in there hell Winnipeg got rid of him for the exact same thing.
  9. Winnipeg is my second favorite team but at this point cheering for the Avs
  10. I don't think this is his first fine for criticizing the officiating either think he did it last year too
  11. yeah this nearly brought me to tears hearing about this as I have family members who survived a residential school and it still affects them to this day even though this happened over 60 years ago to them. They didn't even care about getting money from the government the only thing they wanted was an apology.
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