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  1. Treliving thinks the Flames are not good enough right now. (https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/gm-brad-treliving-says-inconsistent-flames-not-good-enough-right-now/) I can only feel bad for Marky and Tanev but they couldn't of picked a worse team to join I can't stand the Flames so I am happy to see them struggling but to have your GM even saying they are not good now that is rough.

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    2. Shekky


      that is rough have to imagine after the GMs comments its affecting the locker room too

    3. Elias Pettersson

      Elias Pettersson

      Marky got pulled again.  Two games in a row.  This is only his first season on his 6 year deal.  That contract is going to look really bad sooner rather than later.  Bobrovsky 2.0...

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I don't feel bad for Tanev, I love that he's soaking up all that Alberta money on a bad team. 

  2. Linden's hit was back in the 90s if I am not mistaken which is the 20th Century
  3. yeah the Phaneuf hit looked questionable at best but yeah I agree with ya they were both clean hits.
  4. Here's Todays Videos vs cast your vote here https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/greatest-nhl-hit-21st-century/ I don't know which too choose from but I think I like the Kronwall hit better never liked Caveman Phaneuf much but too me the Kronwall hit was clean as opposed to the Phaneuf looks a little questionable. Also to note Hamhuis hit won the vote yesterday.
  5. that vote already happened a few weeks back if you look on the link the vote is between Ballard and Hamhuis.
  6. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/greatest-nhl-hit-21st-century/ You can vote on which hit you like more on the link above. here are the two hits in the video and the Ballard hit I would have to say the hit on Lucic was better mainly because I can't stand that guy such a whiner. Seeing him getting destroyed by Hamhuis was quite satisfying lol.
  7. yeah wasn't saying they were the reason just saying there team as a whole is not doing well so far this season it may seem by the way I worded it but meant it as a whole though so my mistake on that heh
  8. yep Both Tanev and Markstrom deals are going to bite Calgary in the arse in fact you can already see the benefit they are providing already as they are doing poorly as well.
  9. I have shaw its the best I have available in my area I get region locked but that is about it.
  10. https://people.com/tv/dustin-diamond-dies-at-44-after-cancer-battle/ after a short Battle with Cancer Dustin Diamond passed away at the age of 44 Very sad news today I really love Saved by the Bell when I was a kid and his character on the show was one of my favorite.
  11. Whelp the Mrs. and I have had enough of AB and the plan is on to move to BC. No more regional lockouts for me!

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    2. Shekky


      I grew up in Vancouver I know all about it. Thanks for the warning though :P

    3. Violator


      If you can,buy a new vehicle at least 90 days before you move.i moved three years ago.

    4. kingofsurrey


      BC is great... but you may get sticker shock when you see real estate prices now here in this province.


  12. meh thats a bit of a stretch as both of them are still young and have potential
  13. even though Vancouver has an extra game I still love seeing those standings
  14. those are pretty rough looking plays can see why they want to trade him after watching those lol
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