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  1. Excuse me for wanting a high pick to turn into decent player. You can go and look at my history, i supported JV all the way through until this year. Funny how some fans such as you protect him so much and in return he comes out every night and floats around.
  2. Thanks for the obvious. I know we are stuck with him at the moment, but he is making bare minimum effort to help himself and the team. Youd think being in trade rumors would light a fire under your bum , not JV.
  3. Serviceable player who shows up every 10 games? He is worth no where near 2.5 for what he brings.
  4. Yes i dont expect him to be a top 6 quality player, but its alright to have 4 goals, 0 assists in 30 games from a top 6 pick right? Don't be suprised now JV isn't in the lineup come next season.
  5. Now im lost. I didn't know JV was a defensive specialist. Hes a top 6 pick who we expect to produce and play a physical game. He does neither of those things.
  6. I dont think you compare JV with guys like Edler and Miller, those are proven guys. JV hasn't proven nothing in his career, except last year when he had 16 goals, then he comes into the bubble overweight. Now youd think he knows hes on his last straw in Vancouver, yet he has 4 goals and 0 assists, yes ZERO in 30 games . But its not his fault. Its the teams fault.
  7. The difference is the rest of those players show up to most games. Guess virtanen single goal last night is enough to keep him in the lineup for the rest of the year for you.
  8. You planning on giving him another 7 years to develop?
  9. How is he still in the lineup? Just saw him trying to dump the puck in from the Habs blueline, he hit the dman and the habs got a scoring chance going the other way. This is how bad he has become.
  10. What a soft call. Not Myers fault hes much bigger than the player he hit.
  11. Agreed, no doubt its time to move on from Virtanen. Suprised hes lasted this long.
  12. Roussel and JV are nothing but dead weights for this team. The team is better without them.
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