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  1. Nope...And good for you. I think if your parents or your grandparents took care of you when you where growing up you should return the favor , no?
  2. Pretty petty attempt...Dude, he just throws it in your face like you got nothing!
  3. Have you ever been to Bawston, I mean Boston?...Or even NY?..You should see how they talk..
  4. I'm sure he laid out his plan..and kept his promise..hence why he was elected. People got it.
  5. Drugs are bad kids ( ^ Prime example)...just like Creepy Joe, Even you can't put a coherent sentence together..Is it contagious?
  6. Honestly bro, He will make you fall asleep..try it! You will be sleepier than sleepy Joe!
  7. I mean I've suggested, If they could just put Biden's teleprompter on screen so we can just read it ourselves..Would save a lot of time, Agreed?
  8. A president that can actually put a coherent sentence together and not have his eye's glued to a teleprompter...
  9. Not really for this thread..but clearly we have different beliefs,That's all.
  10. OK, Don't agree with the lesser of 2 evils, But no issues with your opinion otherwise.
  11. LMFAO Liberism is really a disease! I have gay people that I have hired smarty pants, everyone gets treated equal! Wow, Guess we can just make stuff up now... You're racist. You support biden! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZfzJATDmXs
  12. Guys got 21,413 posts and probably hasn't gotten off a chair ever or blessed a weight at a gym and I'm the 'internet' tough guy!
  13. I'm going to need at least 20 please...and that's being generous. Continue on with your pussycat hat..
  14. First of all, i don't apologize to anyone but G.O.D. Especially if I don't know you through a whole in the wall...kick rocks! Go snitch to a moderator, You'd be a hit in prison! What's wrong man, When did everyone get so sensitive? And that's exactly the problem...I could have said 'Tranny' and the same crap would have come up..now put your big boy pants on and let's move along, OK?
  15. Bro.., I'm far from homophobic..I don't know what that person is ,man or woman? Tell me what I should identity her/him as? I hope you know that it's a guy that i guess wanted to be a woman? No? Anyways , Check my profile. I have been a member since 2003..but hey i can care less if I get banned or anything. Still gonna live a great life And you know what, if I do..God bless you and i hope you win the lottery.
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