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  1. If I remember correctly there was a contest to design the new logo and the one that was chosen was created by a First Nations artist. That’s just from my memory though it could be off. Either way, most of the indigenous people I’ve every had conversations with welcome the logo as a representation of our area and their culture. It’s never been a stolen thing and the Canucks have seemed to have done a real good job in including people of all races and Cree into the Canucks family. Remember Gino is one of our most brought out former players and he’s worn headdresses and whatever he’s chosen becau
  2. For those of you blasting his wife, it’s really unfair. We don’t know the full aspects. His wife’s happiness I’m sure had something to do with it but if I remember correctly, he wanted to be closer to his Grandparents & family. Can you blame the guy? Some Russians tend to be Uber religious and very family orientated. I speculate that that’s the case. He went back home for family, it was a choice him and his new wife made together. As much as I wanted to see him continue to develop on the Canucks. I’m proud that he made a decision not purely made by chasing money & fame in
  3. Ya I can't wait! Up The Irons!!!

  4. Love the avatar! Cya there June 24!

  5. I like your goal song idea.....much better than the current one. Oh well they can't please everyone I guess ;)

  6. Yeah, you're right. The Canucks finished way better than the kings this season. They must definitely have a far superior roster than the kings... I guess ending up with one more point than your opponent means a lot...

    Direct quote from you and you have plenty of dumber ones. How can you be even a sports fan when you can't even read a leaderboard. One point.....you fail grade one math.

  7. So what exactly do you mean when you say Canadian ignorance? I guess by me reading your uneducated posts that makes me a ignorant Canadian I guess,you can generalize,if you want but it doesn't make you any smarter. I'd say the same thing to a Canadian who posts weak not well thoughtout post,this is not a nationality issue. Just face the facts...you were trolling and you got caught.

  8. If your going to troll,at least be a hockey fan. I doubt by your intelligence you're even a Kings fan. Seriously buddy you know very little about hockey and it shows on your Kings message board post as well.....but I guess playing dumb makes you look better than being dumb,good job on being and doing both.

  9. Great drafting Blackhawks....OK draft all Canadians with your lottery picks,hmmmm that's a hard choice picking #1 and # 2 picks overall for ten years.

  10. Blackouts that a hell of a way to sell your sport lol poorly run team needs owner to die to get fans back. Extra extra read all about it!

  11. It's a well know fact that the Hawks were miss managed,not even debatable. WWW your Favorites team former owner,had to die to get the black cloth from off your team in the city of Chicago,also not even debatable. You get a clue!

  12. Yes new fans. I remember hearing pin drops at the Blackhawks rinks durning the 90's and most of the 00'

    So yes new fans. Hockey history the Blackhawks and there management helped take us to the lockout. You were poorly run and lost huge amounts of money. With hardly any fans in the seats

    If you want to call "love taps" slashing fair enough. Enjoy the next ...

  13. You have nothing to say. Why don't you go back to your moms living room

  14. To state a fact. I have never given you a minus rep. Even though you are pretty much always negative at least 1/3rd of the time you are close to correct about this team. I hate how some people are always overly positive but you are way too megative. Have some faith,you must be having so much fun on here.

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