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  1. matze knop's Luca Toni song: Numero Uno. pure awful
  2. listening/watching some German reality cop show on RTL
  3. it's not so bad once you get used to the taste
  4. here's a not too subtle hint - it's those damn rap battles!
  5. ah Welly, always with the priceless facial expressions
  6. a paper fan? i prefer those metal ones with the sharp edges. but the Australian Customs fun police confiscate those
  7. your school'd better have air conditioning!
  8. you live at the airport? don't those planes drive you insane after a while?
  9. i thought something was up with that. it's not possible to play when the air temp is 60.
  10. 60 degrees!? in Melbourne? strewth...
  11. {^,^}





  12. it used to be "hold on bitches!" or something like that
  13. that laugh at the end was pure evil ^_^

  14. i don't think this has much to do with the sport itself. they seem to get riled up at the sight of each other
  15. happened two years ago as well. and it's not just tennis tournaments; rugby, football..
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