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  1. Who needs a fan when you've got one of these...


    a paper fan? i prefer those metal ones with the sharp edges. but the Australian Customs fun police confiscate those :rolleyes:

  2. Yup, thats Melbourne for you. 1st day back at school is gonna be 43 degrees. B-e-a-utiful!

    your school'd better have air conditioning!

  3. Send some of that global warming here please

    Thunder Bay

    Current Conditions

    Mainly Clear

    -29 °C

    Observed at:

    Thunder Bay Airport

    you live at the airport? don't those planes drive you insane after a while? ;)

  4. The 'air' temperature only reached 37 in melbourne yesterday. Yes thats very uncomfortable and causing a few retirements, but its a dry heat, so you still get the natural cooling effect of sweating. They report the 'court temperature' which only alarms people and dosen't really serve any purpose. Hell everyone knows the earth surface can get hot to touch in summer, dosen't make it entirely unlivable up at head height.

    All being said 41 degrees today, and shouldn't be too many outside games played. Should cause chaos with doubles, juniors etc matches.

    i thought something was up with that. it's not possible to play when the air temp is 60.

  5. ya, but this is tennis.

    it´s something like a "gentlemen" sport.

    but a lot of things has changed since the good old 80´s or 90´s.

    i don't think this has much to do with the sport itself. they seem to get riled up at the sight of each other

  6. Riots in Melbourne!

    After the Game between Djokovic (Serbia) & Delic (American with Bosnian roots) Fans of both Players have thrown Plastic Chairs at each other. One women gots hurt. The "Balkan War" is still in the Heads of those People.

    happened two years ago as well. and it's not just tennis tournaments; rugby, football..

  7. Mary Schmich's "Wear Sunscreen Speech"

    i prefer Radiohead's Fitter Happier:

    Fitter, happier, more productive,


    not drinking too much,

    regular exercise at the gym

    (3 days a week),

    getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries,

    at ease,

    eating well

    (no more microwave dinners and saturated fats),

    a patient better driver,

    a safer car

    (baby smiling in back seat),

    sleeping well

    (no bad dreams),

    no paranoia,

    careful to all animals

    (never washing spiders down the plughole),

    keep in contact with old friends

    (enjoy a drink now and then),

    will frequently check credit at (moral) bank (hole in the wall),

    favors for favors,

    fond but not in love,

    charity standing orders,

    on Sundays ring road supermarket

    (no killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants),

    car wash

    (also on Sundays),

    no longer afraid of the dark or midday shadows

    nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate,

    nothing so childish - at a better pace,

    slower and more calculated,

    no chance of escape,

    now self-employed,

    concerned (but powerless),

    an empowered and informed member of society

    (pragmatism not idealism),

    will not cry in public,

    less chance of illness,

    tires that grip in the wet

    (shot of baby strapped in back seat),

    a good memory,

    still cries at a good film,

    still kisses with saliva,

    no longer empty and frantic like a cat tied to a stick,

    that's driven into frozen winter crap

    (the ability to laugh at weakness),



    healthier and more productive

    a pig in a cage on antibiotics.

  8. Agassi was one of my favourite Players.

    I also miss guys like McEnroe,Edberg,Wilander,Noah,Leconte,Becker,Lendl,Sampras,Mecir,Ivanisevic and and.....!

    Honestly i dont follow Tennis since some years cuz there is allways a on man or may 2 man show.

    The Top of the Tennisworld some Years ago was closer and more exciting than like these Days.

    say it ain't so Boris!


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