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  1. yeah yeah, so my German isn't that good...

  2. done! Cam Ward Cristobal Huet Marc-Andre Fleury Carey Price
  3. Martin Brodeur Carey Price Todd Bertuzzi Sam Gagner
  4. "Evil Germany"...i lol'd

  5. Happy Birthday, fellow Leaf fan :]

  6. it's alright...much cooler now, but this last week was quite warm for fall :]

  7. happy birthday!




    O BDAY

  8. lol, some of that 13k wouldn't have been possible without your assistance ;)

  9. oh hai...i iz no guy...kthxbai

  10. okay, okay, i'll buy ONE of your shoes if you'll stop spamming. deal?

  11. no more Honey Badgers? :(

  12. @jroseone - i'll do those two Rangers renders in a few hours.
  13. Sean Avery i'll do the other one in a few hours...
  14. poor Octyne. at least you'll always have UCBJB...


  16. two thumbs up for the name change ;)

  17. *hurls a Brick-e-Mart at the board* :P

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