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  1. i'll be doing more Tavares and Evander Kane renders later on, but they're not HQ.
  2. you guys tired of rapping for tonight?
  3. congrats Westy! i hope that married life still means you'll have a bit of time for us
  4. i thought they had all retired and doing other things from watching that "where are they now" special from '07
  5. i'm just gonna sit in the corner and sulk
  6. based on all the rap battles, i think we've redecorated it to resemble a defunct Detroit warehouse.. look what i found! a heart-shapped chippy
  7. oh that's super...i can be in Mexico without leaving the comfort of my home
  8. listening to my air conditioner...that thing is loud...
  9. Beach Boys - Little Honda. James May sings it better
  10. dead things are more common during a heatwave it tried to be all chicken and attempted to cross the road
  11. i thought it was alive at first but then i noticed how wrinkly and un-alive it was...
  12. here's that dead frog i was talking about earlier..
  13. {o,~}




  14. your interpretation makes sense too right now i'm listening/watching the sexy Ben Fajzullin read the late night news
  15. Sit down, stand up Sit down, stand up Walk into the jaws of hell Walk into the jaws of hell Anytime Anytime Sit down, stand up Sit down, stand up We can wipe you out anytime We can wipe you out Anytime Anytime Stand up, sit down The rain drops
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