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  1. the Lobster Army wish you a very Happy Birthday and Christmas ;)

  2. {^,^}





    come back? :(

  3. good work! i haven't had the time to do renders lately..
  4. i'm still recovering from that thread's epicness ;)

  5. {~,o}





  6. Pavel Datsyuk http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d160/rw3...syuk-render.png i did another Datsyuk render earlier this year..just search the thread.
  7. i didn't make it so i don't know ;)

  8. hay...do you want me to do a version of that latenight lounge sig with your name on it?

  9. you mean, like, those Woodland Critters from South Park? O.o

  10. did the raccoons come around to sing Happy Birthday? :)

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