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  1. {^,^}





  2. awesome...i'll be watching that pea 8-)

  3. Alexander Ovechkin: http://i35.tinypic.com/x0o4ft.png
  4. we need a favorite vegetable thread

  5. Happy Birthday, fellow '03-er! :]

  6. you know what would be really neat? if you add a tiny bit of stubble every day so that now your pea is all clean-shaven but by Christmas Eve he's got a full beard! :D

  7. fall? up a flight of stairs? :P

  8. Happy Birthday! did you get another O-stick? ;)

  9. yeah, not many people know that either ;) The View is my favourite song from that album

  10. you know, if this wasn't a thread about snow, i would have giggled
  11. nah, i don't use any shortcuts. just a little 1px brush and a lot of squinting. sometimes the extract tool for really complicated hair jobs. Brett Favre
  12. Todd Bertuzzi (funny hair) i couldn't open it in Photoshop for some reason...came out all noisy
  13. cool..i shall check it out

  14. where did you post the video? btw, Cocoon Software's Quick Media Converter is great for converting between video types

  15. We've got heads on sticks,

    You've got ventriloquists!

  16. i think it's quite straightforward in QuickTime Pro...i must try this, brb :P

  17. i thought you only communicated in morse code ;) btw, pics don't work in the Personal Statement box, only in the About Me tab thingy. but some say, you already knew that.

  18. {^,^}





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