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  1. holy s*** its hailing so hard

    1. HockeyChick8


      omigod at my soccer tourney we got poured on, everyone turned purple! O.o

    2. d^/ > _ < \^b

      d^/ > _ < \^b

      like Barney?


    1. Tru_Knyte


      Sup brah, just say your year old post to me. And yea, I'm aware :P

    2. Tru_Knyte
  3. fell asleep on the couch and woke up on my bed... I live alone...

  4. When does training camp start?

  5. i posted something in colondees thread lol

  6. why are you gonna get banned :o

  7. haha oh

    i'm level 74 legit, i don't play anymore but it's still installed on mine :P played tons when i was in grade 8-10

  8. Yeah I did.. But apparently I got banned for hacking lol... I didn't even hack at all..

  9. holy sh- you play gunz.. what's your IGN

  10. band camp is turning out be even better then the movie

  11. then kill it," shouted the murderer.

    "Let's have sex with the cat, torture it, kill it

    and then have sex with it again," said the necrophile.

    "Let's have sex with the cat, torture it, kill it,

    have sex with it again and then burn it," said

    the pyromaniac.

    There was silence, and then the masochist

    said: "Meow."


    have fun at band camp

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