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  1. People be using the term HoF too lightly these days.
  2. Give the kid a bottle of vodka to get him a bit tipsy and shift him 60 minutes a game.
  3. Honestly signing a bridge deal would probably be in Hughs best interest after getting OEL. OEL will probably take the majority of the harder match ups and free up time and space for Hughs to operate, thus he keeps improving his game, and accumulating points. But same can be said in a contract negotiation after the bridge deal ends that he was sheltered etc.
  4. Ah, it doesn’t feel like it’s intense, more like just a stroll and a slight sweat. I find it harder to do hikes and whatnot for myself just cause a treadmill will always push me forward, whereas normally walking I would stop here and there too often.
  5. If there’s a time to draft first overall it’s this year cause there’s no clear cut of who’s going to be #1. I reckon this will be one of randomest drafts with potentially a third round pick being the best pick overall pick of this years draft or something.
  6. So since late October of last year, I been trying to improve myself by losing weight/fat and gaining muscle. I started out as 195lbs and up till today I’m weighing in at 160lbs-163lbs. I never really had a diet or restricted calories for myself and just gradually added in more hours of cardio. Started from 1 hour a day and gradually worked my way up to 3-5 hours daily on the treadmill on the highest incline and 2-3 speed. Although I am definitely extremely proud of myself, I’m just wondering if there’s anything I should be worried about since I’m doing so much cardio?
  7. Imagine Hughes bolstering his defence by getting even more offensive. 100 points in 82 games but -10 or - 20 on the +/-.
  8. Demko left some money on the table to re-sign Ian Clark
  9. I’m convinced that last years great run was strung together by our very own Loui Eriksson. He united the offence and defence together.
  10. At this rate you might as well just have McDavid and Draistaitl and 10 other league minimum players. Then you spend your last 35-40mil on just defence and a goalie.
  11. So silver lake cashed out on AMC for like 712 million/ 33 million shares, just wondering what I can expect now since I decided to put 1k into AMC. Relatively new to this whole stocks world, could someone elaborate what the pro’s and con’s are ? Also, the cash in/deal was done 2 days ago and I guess it just became public now ? But today’s stock rose up quite a bit, but now that the news is out, will I be seeing a drop on Monday?
  12. Bowen island lookout, 20-30 minutes going up, great view that overlooks Bowen island, different type of species of birds up there that will eat out of your hand (bring some seeds or peanuts), barely crowded and wonderful view....plus super easy on the knees!
  13. I’m at the point where I believe with a little coaching from Ian Clark, I’ll be able to make it to the nhl as a goalie.
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