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  1. Hi Mathieu! How's the moose? :)

  2. Okay, I gotta try this again.

    Hey Mathieuuu! Welcome to the boards. =)

  3. Hi matthew. I hope you get back up to Canucks soon.

  4. Tell us the secret about your teeth! PLEASE

  5. dude, you have the RADDEST teeth!!!

  6. I had a dream about you last night.

    Looove you!

  7. About you in the past, I was just joking.

  8. LOL I didn't mean what I said..

  9. Matthieu!! Send me an autographed jersey! :D

  10. <img style="float: left; margin-right: 8px;" src="http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2009/11/schneider_blog.jpg" alt="" border="0">It's been month since my last blog (sorry it's been a little crazy!). Now that we have a couple days between games, it gives me a some time to catch up. The last time I wrote, I was anticipating my return so looks like I've got lots to talk about... <Br><br> I didn't know for sure that I was going to be able to play against Edmonton in that first game but I had a feeling and I knew I wanted to. Being back on the ice is great, I feel good,
  11. Congrats on the 100th PP goals the other day, by the way :)

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