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  1. I hear rumblings in the East of an ancient evil...
  2. Well, Seattle’s horseshoe strikes again... I’ve been poking around the league, looking to get a Colorado defensemen, and I woke up with one this morning. Congratulations on your new contract Ryan Murray, that’ll cause a minor rewrite on our plans
  3. GML ELC CONTRACTS The three step process step 1 - uniform salaries based on GML selections 1st overall - 3.25m (925k base) 2nd overall - 3m (925k base) 3rd overall - 2.75m (925k base) 4th overall - 2.25m (925k base) 5th overall - 2m (925k base) 6th-10th - 1.5m (925k base) 11th-32nd - 1m (900k base) round 2 - 875k round 3 - 825k round 4 - 750k step 2 - compare to real life selection - consider splitting the difference. step 3 - consider any other miti
  4. Seattle Kraken Front Office Budget Minors Program : 35 million Player relations : 20 million
  5. 100% the reason I posted in advance - want everyone to understand and be excited about it before we move ahead. Always happy to reason things out.
  6. Also, IRL few players will ever see their full bonus... it’s quite rare.
  7. In order to keep it balanced, I intend to look at where a player was selected in real life, vs where that player was selected in the GML. Not NHL AAV salary vs our new posted guidelines. that way if you draft the first overall in the 4th round, you won’t be signing him for 750k... just a measure to keep parity with the NHL. That, and some real life negotiation and balance where necessary. These are just basic guidelines so everyone understands... ex. this year’s 1st overall pick will not sign for 3.775m. (Using this example) that said, if this year’s first overall goes on to
  8. Yes I did. As it has a fair amount of content, I wasn’t going to write it out again. Can you swap modes to read it? I haven’t had any trouble anywhere, but the copy and pasted PM you just sent me is the same as you describe.
  9. It’s written In lemon juice, put your phone in the toaster to read it...
  10. did that change it? shows normally for me on phone and desktop, but i reset font and background on the post.
  11. GML ELC announcement Good morning everyone. With the help of some of the exec, one very communicative and patient GM and some of the agents, I have done a light revision in the way we will do ELC’s moving forward. I will continue to be your agent/contact for that, but we’ve focussed on setting up a system which should allow clarity, simplicity and realism for everyone. Let’s face it, ELC’s are kids that are desperate to play, and just want to know where to report to ELC CONTRACTS The three step process step 1 - uniform salaries based on GML selections
  12. I am just having a chuckle and poking fun, but here’s how my strategy behind that works, having fair amount of experience turning bottom feeders into playoff teams so far... if I were a bottom three team I would be into just generally having a player, especially with over 23.5m mil in cap space including Johansson. After his move to the wild, Johansson is probably top 9 in their current lineup... let your asset reset it’s value?! if I wanted to get rid of a player, I would realize that a buyout of said player would cost me 1.3 million per season for the next two years.
  13. In fairness, Virtanen is a piece of garbage on pace for 10.7 points on a regular season... 32 points is a pretty darn good hockey player.. as well as the 6th highest scorer on that team.
  14. On pace for 32 points in a regular season... Toronto being Toronto again ?
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