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  1. gotta say, I’m really having fun. Like waaaaaay more than I thought. He and my wife are awesome though. no way man... that would break me. you are a dad-god.
  2. Very excited at the opportunity to start my own organization! Thank you to Seattle and the league for sharing my vision, and allowing me the chance. I have never drafted a fantasy team, so I’m so stoked to get to build from the ground up... a challenge I’ve long anticipated. I’ll be here through the coming season if anyone wants to discuss expansion draft things... looking forward to building and re-committing to my new organization for another decade. special thanks for all your kind thoughts and words... the Greensman isn’t going anywhere just taking a break. ps - a nod to the GM’s that called it so easily! I’m just not that simple to get rid of... time to start Kraken skulls
  3. Many thanks to C2X and Sharpy for a smooth transition. Many of you know I have a newborn at home, and I also have a few spring projects next season, which will be a distraction. All this to say, I was feeling like I really needed a sabbatical. Hard to let the Bruins go, but great to know it’s in good hands now. I feel I left it in very good shape, with lots of talent, and lots more to come. I think Boston will remember the Green years as great ones. Proud to have brought the worst team in the league to the level of contender... truly the bad news bears of the GML. Best of luck @Sharpshooter A decade ago I knew very little about hockey and had never been in a pool. With help from friends, and a lot of floundering, I learned the ropes. Now it’s hard to imagine life without the GML.
  4. I think we all know I’m the brains behind this organization... @theminister is just riding my coattails.
  5. I found his points to be fair and well thought out. I, for one, agree. Positive discourse is pretty rad. That’s what I come here for.
  6. Stepans not a dead weight or anything either.. he was actually rad in the first round of playoffs, and seems to have earned his way back to top six for sure... possibly top line. I think there’s good value for the right team.
  7. BOSTON CENTER SALE Ever wake up and feel like your team lacks center depth... you are not alone. Boston has been stealing your centers and hoarding them for years... now is your chance. You too can have a playmaker skating down the middle instead of a goofy left-winger that can’t take a face off and only gets garbage goals in front. Boston is looking to entice a team to take Derek Stepan (6.2m till 21-22), and is looking to add Christian Dvorak (3.5m till 22-23) as the cherry on top. No expectations on return at the moment, open to offers.
  8. Many thanks Mike. pretty anti climactic to lose my whole team before we played, but it was an honour to share the ice with your team.
  9. HUGE THANKS TO RUSH! ive been so busy and distracted, but these updates have been awesome, I’m excited for the refresh and check here instead of pickup! HUGE THANKS TO C2X! keeping the updates current keeps us all updated and following along... not only watching my series this year, eyeing all of yours as well because of our team here! you guys rock
  10. Very sorry about the delay, these following ELC`s were all negotiated before the deadline. if i`ve forgotten anyone, please kick me. PHI has signed: Xavier Bernard: 3 years 700k per (2.1 million) Amir Miftakhov: 3 years 800k per (2.4 million) Lenni Killinen: 3 years 700k per (2.1 million) Brett Leason: 3 years 850k + 75k bonus ($925k AAV) Nathan Legare: 3 years 825k + 100k bonus - 925k AAV (2.775 million) Max Crozier: 3 years 700k per (2.1 million) Vegas has signed: Ryan Merkley, 3 years 900k per plus 350k bonus - 1.25 million AAV/season (3.75 million) Jay O'Brien, 3 years 900,000 per year (2.7 million) Alexander Khovanov, 3 years 850k per plus 75k bonus - 925k AAV/season (2/775 million) Ottawa has signed: Benoit-Oliver Groulx - 3 years 850k + 75k bonus - 925k AAV (2.775 million) Jacob Bernard-Docker - 3 years 925k AAV (2.775 million) Slava Demin - 3 years 750k per season (2.25 million) Dylan Ferguson - 3 years 750k per season (2.25 million) Matej Pekar - 3 years 850k + 75k - $925 AAV (2.775 million)
  11. OMG... add in my missing points from the elite SHG Reider, and I may actually be in the lead
  12. oh lord... Covid, murder hornets and now this. @Paul Vanderhoek welcome back bud! Great to have you on board!
  13. If it goes poorly you can always apply a little Vasilevsky, so that it hurts less