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  1. Call it like you see it. I fully respect that. I wish for you to have such incredible success, that we need to debate these things for your team one day
  2. ...or how it would completely skew the league and turn the separation from top teams to bottom teams into a impassible Grand Canyon rift... or how it would negatively impact the enjoyment of the rest of the league...
  3. Correct, within the guidelines of the rules of the league, which are the entire design of the league and it’s reason for existence (not exaggerating, just ask any of those who devoted time to writing and editing our CBA over the past decade).
  4. As you say, you chose the moves to make, none of that was on anyone else. Using a full roster as a ultimately low bar, you had to make changes to keep your team... You picked the moves to make, the players you chose, and it was upto you to manage those into coming years, rolling assets as necessary. That’s the game right there. We reminded you that to play the game, you have to actually play the game. I’m sorry you feel so negatively about the choices you made after that.
  5. Los Angeles Kings could use a starting goaltender... All this goalie chat has me realizing that it’s time for some hard accounting... 14-22 games played by each team in the NHL so far, and my two goalies account for 14 games... I’ve got Bobrovsky and DeSmith right now. Names that have been discussed this year so far are Mike Giordano, Anders Lee, Craig Smith... even Backstrom, Hagelin, Ekholm and others have come up. I would consider retaining salary for one year on Bob, but I don’t think it’s fair of me to commit LA’s future GM... so no retention past this season.
  6. I believe what I said was, this is what makes be proud to be a GM in the league, it’s what sets us apart from other leagues and it’s literally the reason I joined in the first place. I don’t believe I ever said what you put in quotes at all... why are you using quotes? Not my words. I've now had teams in other leagues... none of them compare to this experience... and that’s all brought to you by the way we do business here. Your team wasn’t even a full roster when I called you out... it was embarrassing. You were in jeopardy of losing your team... these parts are all true. You should not regret icing a complete roster, as that is the bare minimum to stay in the league. Which NHL organization has survived in history without being able to ice a full roster for a good half season without injury issues... how long would that GM get to keep his job? Not icing a team means you aren’t a GM, so I’m not sure about your regrets... you wouldn’t have been a factor for your team at all from outside the league. I personally strongly disagree with your recollection of that year you turned your organization around, and I wasn’t the only person to vote you for best GM that year... you did a great job, and your team looked great. May have been your best year... my opinion of course, but also my job to watch (I was exec responsible for monitoring your division).
  7. Um... That particular year you turned your bottom feeder into a contender... I remember this clearly because I personally called you out on the thread. I followed this by commending you for a terrific organizational turn around in the thread, and I also voted you for GM of the year that year. Stacking a team IS that easy, and I was in a position to have such disciplinary discussions with the league only a year or two after taking over the worst team in the league. I had never had a fantasy team before, never been in a pool before and could name about 10 Canucks when I started (a noob of noobs). A good GM can overload with ease by managing assets well, a bad GM can do it at the expense of other less knowledgeable players or at the expense of the future of the organization. All three are not ok. You keep saying that salary cap line... that’s fine, and that is every other fantasy league on the planet. There are tons to choose from... a dime a dozen. It is not however the GML, nor what it was designed for, nor where it’s headed. The rules have been the same since you joined, with very few changes... we are actually a bit more relaxed now in all honesty, because we aren’t being tested constantly by immature jerks. Enjoy this game, and never expect it to be like any other you have played. Play until you aren’t having fun.
  8. 100% agree. If we are balancing warning shots, let it be widely known that the exec monitors and warns bottom teams much more often than they send warnings to top teams. Multiple letters per year are sent about keeping and maintaining competitive rosters. 90%+ of all firings in the GML have been for inactivity, lack of involvement, and inability (or lack of effort) to ice a competitive roster. All rules are designed for maximum enjoyment for all GM’s. I can honestly attest to discussing this issue more than once in the past week, and teams could notified with warnings within the next few days. We are 100% against any form of tanking. It’s around this time of season that the exec begins looking at rosters, as rosters in the NHL concrete themselves. My opinion - I wouldn’t like to put limits on drafts, as some teams opt to spend picks some years, and then double up in subsequent years... we’d be dulling some of the strategy of the game, and drastically devaluing picks in the league economy. I think the common sense approach will dictate that teams taking advantage get communication from the league. If you can amass a ton of picks and maintain a competitive roster, you are simply GM’ing the best... that is how you win at the game if GML... building depth and creating a future for your organization. Past years - we fire tanking GM’s, and rehire someone with the mandate to spend assets to ice a roster for the team and the fans. Problem solved.
  9. I totally see your points, and cap is most certainly one agent of fair play in our league. My assertion is simply that it is just one factor of many. Many of us have played EA hockey on some sort of game system, and a few less of us have run seasons there as GM’s. It is very easy for anyone to continuously trade players until you have all of the stars you want without restriction, and I won’t deny that it is fun... but it is also easy to see that, if you were in a league of other teams, that it wouldn’t be fun for anyone else. Cap works as a balance for rosters, but it also works in favour of stacking and loading youth contracts... it works both ways. Having one GM mount a loaded attack with a unrealistic roster isnt rationalized just because a few years down the road the contracts will catch up with team. We aim to keep those between years enjoyable for the other 30 GM’s... CDCGML was literally created based on the focus of keeping a fair playing field. That’s why I joined, and later became an agent for years and an exec for years. I believe that these factors are the reason the Gml exists... does anyone else know people that have a 11 or 12 year old keeper league? We are a unicorn. Though this discussion rotates around the most successful teams with heavy rosters, it’s important to recognize the exec also is tasked with ensuring bottom teams stay competitive, and enforcing that as well. It is all about balance. Parity has always been job one. Look at me, over here in LAK for one reason, because I honestly wanted this time off. I saw as the season approached, that days before the season’s start, the Kings were left unattended and with 1/2 a roster... for the sake of parity in the league I refused to watch another western team get gutted and flounder... so here I am, building a strong team in my own god damn division, which I will have to compete against next year as GM of the Kraken. Meaning - (just one example of hundreds) at my own expense, parity is paramount.
  10. you won’t get fired, and you didn’t strike a nerve. Also, nothing wrong with having a chat when there are old issues still getting under your skin. We’re just sharing info here because it’s clear that you don’t know the details of the situation you are talking about. Six or seven top four d men will never be acceptable, if you strongly disagree, maybe the GML isn’t your cup of tea. You keep picking one or two players to discuss, but it was a systemic defensive issue which received written warnings before any action was taken. Do you know off hand which players were recently traded for, and what promises the GM had made to free agents or which clauses had been waved... all of these are also factors that require consideration. subjective opinion - that’s why the exec and agents exist... no one person makes these decisions. Meanwhile, every contract in the GML was a subjective opinion, as were the rules we’ve all played by for over a decade... have you had major issues during your tenure? Where has this subjectivity become an issue for your team? Also, fair to mention, I don’t believe common sense is subjective. I agree - ATOI is not the only factor considered, and never has been. We have agents and execs so that we can make the extra effort to take each player in his own context. ATOI has never been the deciding factor... it’s one factor of many we use when analyzing each issue. Many roster conflicts happen every year, many GM’s respond before you’ll ever hear of them, rarely does anyone have a weepy tantrum over simple well communicated requests for fairness.
  11. We spend an entire season waiting to see where players match up, and by the TDL each year things become very clear... Before any letter is sent where a player is demanding a trade, the GM is contacted. If a GM chooses to completely ignore warnings from the exec, guess what the outcome would be . Now imagine if the same GM did this repeatedly, year after year... We would never let a team go to the playoffs with 6 top 4 d-men. Maybe make sure you know the whole story. The rules are on page 1. Balancing a team is a GM’s job. Cap is not your only limitation. Im very confused by this whole conversation... you aren’t new this is the GML. Same rules have a been fine tuned and applied for over a decade. MANY letters and discussions have been sent during that time regarding player balance. Ps - Ian Cole and the Av’s went 0-4 in the first round that year, and Cole got 2 points. The exec did him a favour anyways...
  12. ps - Ian Cole averaged 19:45 atoi that year and was slated to be on a third pairing. Details matter. If someone did that today, I’d happily draft the letter myself.
  13. Yep, after his first stellar season Binnington made me have to move Bishop. It was obvious, and I made the deal long before the league needed to talk to me. again, you already know... you don’t need to be told.