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  1. Finally!!! bunch of nerds stroking themselves over Nieuwendyk, ...and not one of them got the damn joke
  2. A great day to kick off the beginning of the Kraken! We eagerly pursued Morgan from Los Angeles, to the Kraken... we are glad to come to terms, and it seems our timing and goals, and his, are on pace. We believe Morgan has all of the qualities we would look for in a player, as is shown by his Hobey Baker nomination. Hailing from Cornel like other such greats as Ken Dryden, Joe Nieuwendyk and Andy Bernard, we expect a heady player with solid work ethic on both ends, which is certainly a good foundation for a new organization. If we had to pick a first player to sign,
  3. Wow.... five out of eight western playoff teams wouldn’t even make it to the eastern playoffs Those teams would all come in 6th or lower in their divisions...
  4. Always willing to negotiate
  5. I’m not thinking about anything until July, and then I’m just gonna take your best player available...
  6. With all those waiver claims, I believe the Florida Panthers are prepared to get on the road and start filming...
  7. Haha, it’s expected behavior from that Devil... 27 inquiries and 0 offers while I was GM of the Kings (for two months) lol
  8. Just so everyone can appreciate the back story, Nino Niederreiter was acquired by the Bruins, along with Christian Dvorak, for Daniel Sedin (who posted 55 points before retiring - sorry Curt ). 130 points in five years (63 goals/68 assists) 125 pims in five years ...and then it turned into this. Way to build the legacy Sharpie! #Bostonproud
  9. ‘How to Make Friends and Influence People’ GML Version step one - answer every PM, no matter what. Even if it’s insulting, just tell them it is.
  10. Wicked skills... you could translate almost fast enough to tell me the names my wife is calling me when she’s mad ... and every action movie needs someone to hear and decipher the tapping on the pipes from the basement. If you were at all serious, I can talk Kraken business anytime. I figured I’d start actively talking to people after the trade deadline, when things have settled a bit... but I’m available if anyone needs to get Kraken.
  11. Not sure, but yours looks tasty
  12. Mmmmm... Morse code, smoke signals and telex...
  13. Just looking over my shoulder as I depart the Kings. I signed and traded for 7 players at the last minutes before the puck drop, which accounts for just under 30% of the kings points (28.6%). Had they just fumbled in the season, they’d have 938 points, and be 29th in the league. great few months, worked out for both parties... now I will draw designs to crush them next season!!!
  14. C2X had to sift through all that for updates
  15. Are you ready to win a championship?
  16. @Crabby meet @Ty Webb It took Ty less than two years to go from last in the league to league champions. Over 30 trades in his first six months.
  17. Welcome aboard! Los Angeles was a little broken and run-down, but I whipped it into shape as best I could to get it into the season. Super glad you are taking over... there’s a little asset management required, but I was hesitant to open another GM’s Christmas presents (didn’t want to make your future moves for you). I’ll be kicking back and relaxing, so if you have any questions, or want to run things by anyone, just let me know. * special thanks to all GM’s that dealt with me in LA, that was a blast... fun experience, see you all at my next gig, wher
  18. I am just one exec. I think what Snowflake and Ajax may have already insinuated, though possibly with too few words, is that we did eagerly accept Crabby back... that is true. He, and involved parties, talked it out and apologized. The league love-in that followed was heart-warming. You did make some rather insulting off-handed remarks as you left, and your departure was much less diplomatic than Crabby’s. I think the league would be looking for a bit more “I’m sorry,” than “I’ll take my team back”. In 100% honesty, you Bomba are one of my favourite GM’s. We worked
  19. Oh god, So sorry Mike. Here I am taking a survey, thinking I’m reinventing the wheel, while some kind soul has gone and compiled it all and spreadsheeted it nicely for us... thanks buddy, I think I forget about the archives cause they are floundering on page 2. Do me a favour, and get it right next year? Geesh, hard to find good help these days.
  20. If memory serves correct it was nucksrule420 (give it take on spelling) maybe too much 420, and not enough ‘rule’?
  21. Bruins version 1.0 - the sedin years... so heavy on Canucks... I learned this lesson
  22. Haha, I wasn’t here to see the originals, so I have to ask (also, the greens in greens has a short term memory effect... I forget the date you started. and always forget Jannik Hansen)... you made like a star, and supernova’d-out pretty quickly after that oh god... last time I try to help a concerned GM .
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