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  1. haha! yeah, when I took over in Boston it was about 3 months into a season... it was an 9 man roster when I started. My best forward was an aging Chris Drury. My best defenseman was an aging Rafalski, and my best player was Cam Ward, who never played well again uphill climbs...
  2. Who else has been here a long time? -PO? When did you join? -Bomba was here a long time... hopefully cools and comes back. -Sergei Bobrovsky, when did you join? -Paul? When did you join the first time? still counts. Hell, I took some time, am doing a limited gig in LA, and soon will move on to my 3rd team .
  3. So you were an original? I think he is skipping drama, but he is well. I get to see him often. No worries.
  4. We should put this together... jump in and edit if you have an add or an edit OG’s: C2X Lethunder theMinister Squeak Mike V Winterhawks Da.Moose Long haulers: Romo - roughly a decade Greensman - roughly a decade
  5. My first instinct was to say this is Lost, and you just met “the others” who came in for a couple seasons, but actually were losers with ulterior motives, and then they were off the show and it became apparent that they never meant anything to the plot of the show at all... and they never came up again...
  6. “but then nobody ever mentions him ever again, and it has no effect on the plot of the show at all.”
  7. You absolutely are the core.
  8. This may be quote of the year This is actually the hockey version of the Soprano’s... Way back in season three, Paula and Chrissy let the drink haggard wounded Russian run off into the forest, and you are sure that it’s important and meaningful... but then nobody ever mentions him ever again, and it has no effect on the plot of the show at all. The Russian dug his own grave, and flailed around a bit to get free... Paulie and Chrissy chased him and got a little lost... they may have shot him in the head a little bit, but it didn’t take much time for the re
  9. what does Covid have to do with it? It was an NHL lottery, I don’t believe the balls react to global pandemics...
  10. Is that a trick question? (This has to be a trick question...) ...the 14th seed New York Rangers... the year was 2020. just realized that teams that don’t make the playoffs will get much better draft odds... hadn’t thought about the other end... I like that a lot. A reward for working really hard.
  11. Movement: - the Los Angeles Kings would like to waive Nick Holden for the purposes of sending him to the minors (if you have an empty D spot, Holden is currently on taxi squad, and will likely return this season at some point) Activation: - the Los Angeles Kings would like to activate Jusso Riikola from the LTIR
  12. I believe onions are free in the league right now, for those that want em
  13. In the NHL, the draft lottery has existed for 25 years. The draft lottery was the NHL’s first attempt at an anti-tanking clause. The NHL absolutely does have rules to prevent tanking. The draft lottery odds were further shaken-up about a decade ago, to further randomize the odds (let’s call this the EDM clause)... a deeper cut at teams that would be tempted to tank. We are even more opposed to tanking than the NHL, it has always been a paramount and foundational rule in the league, so we are taking it further. Draft picks are not set assets, and we’ve
  14. Jordan Binnington was a fringe free agent signing I took a swing at. I found him when nobody else did... took about 4 years to mature to the NHL in my system. Ive fueled my team with just such ‘impossibilities’ This is how I turned my old bottom feeder (literally last in the league) to a perennial playoff contender. your team, your strategy.
  15. No, you have misunderstood. Tanking, diminishing your team to a less than competitive roster to intentionally place better in the draft is 100% against the rules of the GML, written on page one. We have literally fired people multiple times for this. It is not about bodies, the rules state clearly that it’s about keeping your fan base and owners happy. This draft rule will help to curb GM’s from tanking, but tanking in any form is not acceptable in the GML. Not trying to be an ass, just wanting to be super clear on the rules of the game, and how we’ve specifically
  16. You make very good points, but just hung up on this one... Tankers will get fired before they ever get to execute their picks (obviously, first warning and discourse). Teams may not do well, and rebuilding teams may produce less points, but tanking is a deal breaker.
  17. Random thoughts: good chats and voices in this room. Tanking is the greatest sin in the GML. It’s in the CBA, and the league is built around that principal. I believe Its historically the fastest route to not being in the GML. Ive been at the very bottom. You stay up late and scour rosters and media for free agent prospects, you negotiate and make deals and claim off waivers. You ice a team, because that’s the price you pay to hang out in this room. You owe us all that. I’ve had first overall (Sam Reinhart)... Tarasenko at 8 I think... Schwartz in the
  18. Call it like you see it. I fully respect that. I wish for you to have such incredible success, that we need to debate these things for your team one day
  19. ...or how it would completely skew the league and turn the separation from top teams to bottom teams into a impassible Grand Canyon rift... or how it would negatively impact the enjoyment of the rest of the league...
  20. Correct, within the guidelines of the rules of the league, which are the entire design of the league and it’s reason for existence (not exaggerating, just ask any of those who devoted time to writing and editing our CBA over the past decade).
  21. As you say, you chose the moves to make, none of that was on anyone else. Using a full roster as a ultimately low bar, you had to make changes to keep your team... You picked the moves to make, the players you chose, and it was upto you to manage those into coming years, rolling assets as necessary. That’s the game right there. We reminded you that to play the game, you have to actually play the game. I’m sorry you feel so negatively about the choices you made after that.
  22. Los Angeles Kings could use a starting goaltender... All this goalie chat has me realizing that it’s time for some hard accounting... 14-22 games played by each team in the NHL so far, and my two goalies account for 14 games... I’ve got Bobrovsky and DeSmith right now. Names that have been discussed this year so far are Mike Giordano, Anders Lee, Craig Smith... even Backstrom, Hagelin, Ekholm and others have come up. I would consider retaining salary for one year on Bob, but I don’t think it’s fair of me to commit LA’s future GM... so no retention past this s
  23. I believe what I said was, this is what makes be proud to be a GM in the league, it’s what sets us apart from other leagues and it’s literally the reason I joined in the first place. I don’t believe I ever said what you put in quotes at all... why are you using quotes? Not my words. I've now had teams in other leagues... none of them compare to this experience... and that’s all brought to you by the way we do business here. Your team wasn’t even a full roster when I called you out... it was embarrassing. You were in jeopardy of losing your team... these parts are
  24. Um... That particular year you turned your bottom feeder into a contender... I remember this clearly because I personally called you out on the thread. I followed this by commending you for a terrific organizational turn around in the thread, and I also voted you for GM of the year that year. Stacking a team IS that easy, and I was in a position to have such disciplinary discussions with the league only a year or two after taking over the worst team in the league. I had never had a fantasy team before, never been in a pool before and could name about 10 Canucks when I started (a noob
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