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  1. 100% agree. If we are balancing warning shots, let it be widely known that the exec monitors and warns bottom teams much more often than they send warnings to top teams. Multiple letters per year are sent about keeping and maintaining competitive rosters. 90%+ of all firings in the GML have been for inactivity, lack of involvement, and inability (or lack of effort) to ice a competitive roster. All rules are designed for maximum enjoyment for all GM’s. I can honestly attest to discussing this issue more than once in the past week, and teams could notified with warnings wit
  2. I totally see your points, and cap is most certainly one agent of fair play in our league. My assertion is simply that it is just one factor of many. Many of us have played EA hockey on some sort of game system, and a few less of us have run seasons there as GM’s. It is very easy for anyone to continuously trade players until you have all of the stars you want without restriction, and I won’t deny that it is fun... but it is also easy to see that, if you were in a league of other teams, that it wouldn’t be fun for anyone else. Cap works as a balance for rosters, but it also
  3. you won’t get fired, and you didn’t strike a nerve. Also, nothing wrong with having a chat when there are old issues still getting under your skin. We’re just sharing info here because it’s clear that you don’t know the details of the situation you are talking about. Six or seven top four d men will never be acceptable, if you strongly disagree, maybe the GML isn’t your cup of tea. You keep picking one or two players to discuss, but it was a systemic defensive issue which received written warnings before any action was taken. Do you know off hand which players were recently traded fo
  4. We spend an entire season waiting to see where players match up, and by the TDL each year things become very clear... Before any letter is sent where a player is demanding a trade, the GM is contacted. If a GM chooses to completely ignore warnings from the exec, guess what the outcome would be . Now imagine if the same GM did this repeatedly, year after year... We would never let a team go to the playoffs with 6 top 4 d-men. Maybe make sure you know the whole story. The rules are on page 1. Balancing a team is a GM’s job. Cap is not your only limitation.
  5. ps - Ian Cole averaged 19:45 atoi that year and was slated to be on a third pairing. Details matter. If someone did that today, I’d happily draft the letter myself.
  6. Yep, after his first stellar season Binnington made me have to move Bishop. It was obvious, and I made the deal long before the league needed to talk to me. again, you already know... you don’t need to be told.
  7. So, listen, all of those goaltender comments are true, and there are lots of great thoughts here... Main points are: Point A - common sense. You know perfectly well if you have an unfair advantage Point B - teams change. Goalies are always rising and falling. If you have two established and time proven starters, you already know it, and so do we. If you are in violation, make plans. Start now, before you are forced to do it under pressure. If there is message from the exec coming to you, you already know it. Fact. When you do get the message from the exec, it w
  8. I’ve been in this position before... it’s not always as cut and dry as you’d think. I personally approached the teams in the league without a starter, but none of them wanted either of my bonafide starters. I maintained an ongoing discussion with agents to let them know of my efforts and my attempts to rectify the situation. once there are enough games to make the true starters stand out (right now, that’s goalies playing 13-16 games already), those GM’s with two will be contacted swiftly.
  9. I think he got sent to the minors this morning
  10. I think that if an amendment to the scoring structure were to be approved, there should be ample time provided for teams to restructure. The only negative in previous votes and discussions, that I found had merit, was that all of us currently have teams geared towards the current scoring structure, so we’d all need strategic time to make moves and prepare, like for an expansion draft. under regular scheduling I always thought announcing it at approx Christmas for the following season would be fair. Give a TDL run to make moves, and an off season to recalibrate...
  11. IR activation: the Los Angeles Kings would like to activate Sami Vatanen from the LTIR
  12. Goalie stats after 5 games...
  13. They literally posted they sent JB back to taxi squad, as you were posting this. Hate when that happens...
  14. So, would that mean that now would be a bad time to tell you that my Bruins would be 6th in the league with 574 points?
  15. On Monday i was 27th in the league... Today I’m 11th, and now one point behind my old team... you all get the last laugh though... the team I just built is in my own damn division for the expansion
  16. gotta say I am proud to say that in 72 hours before pick drop I signed 5 players and traded for 1 other. those six players represent about 25% of my teams output. excited to sign Austin Watson yesterday... Vegas odds have Watson tied for the player that will get the most PIMS this season. What a great scoop for my depth.
  17. that’s better! 87 points from 13 players last night... seems my plan is falling into place... today they be riding high in LA... muthaferkers act like they forgot about Greens
  18. congrats to Pius Suter on his hat trick! a gleaming light in the smog of post apocalyptic Los Angeles...
  19. This was a strangely timed post seems some have a differing opinion...
  20. I’m sure he’ll show up in great shape, he’s a professional
  21. Los Angeles Kings Kevin Fiala - Niklas Backstrom - Anders Lee Tanner Pearson - Mikhail Grigorenko - Andreas Johnson Josh Archibald - Pius Suter - Craig Smith Carl Hagelin - Vladislav Namestnikov - ? Marcus Sorensen Mark Giordano - Danny DeKeyser Matthias Ekholm - Sami Vatanen Dean Kukan - Ryan Graves Nick Holden - Jusso Riikola Sergei Bobrovsky Casey DeSmith Palm Springs Tropics _______ - _______ - _______ _______ - MacInnis - ________ _______ - Chartier - Turgeon _______
  22. Thanks boss, but A 7D isn’t the spot i need to fill
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