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  1. He does everything like he’s ticked off
  2. The puck really follows him around out on the ice.
  3. I like Pearson’s compete. He will be a good pro to have around To break in this next crop of youngsters.
  4. I noticed Hughes and Miller were looking to get the puck to him which bodes well for his impression on his teammates. Miller was on his off wing (not one-timer side) and Boeser was near the net with Horvat at the bumper spot, an umbrella formation that they play when Petey is out there. RB3 can rifle it. His puck skills look elite already- albeit I do get excited easily with new prospects. But he seems special.
  5. Yes you did. Rathbone in the EP40 spot looking to get that one timer cannon firing.
  6. Sweet Lord above, I hope you’re right!!!
  7. I am quite cognizant of my rose coloured glasses. It’s just more fun to leave them on quite frankly.
  8. I’ve been a real blind supporter of GMJB since the beginning of his time helming the ship, but if the big man isn’t on our blueline come the first game of next season I may not be able to keep the faith...
  9. Apparently his skating has come a long way and was reported to be at least as good a skater as Pearson at this time.
  10. Pearson had a 17 game point streak last season and was also leading the team in scoring for a moment well into that campaign. He has gas left in the tank and is durable. I feel it is a fair deal for a quality middle six winger.
  11. McDavid is one of the greatest players to ever play the game of hockey. He is literally on the Mt Rushmore of all time greats. Kotkaniemi might as well be Darcy Tucker by comparison with 97. I have no vendetta and have said I love Kotkaniemi. Ultimately time will tell what kind of player he is... all I’m saying is that where there is smoke there is fire. I have noticed JT going real hard at Kotkaniemi earlier this year in a scrum after the play. I have noticed him injure EP40. I noticed CM97 elbow him in the head. Though certainly not a plug, I suspect he is doing something to garner this atte
  12. What we are not privy to is the “death by 1000 cuts” that great players are subjected. Everybody notices when a star goes swinging there stick like Rocket or Sid slashing some dolty Dmans finger off. Or the Russian Rocket taking a run at Churla and hitting him with an elbow that would have seen him suspended 50 games by modern standards. But they miss the hundreds if not thousands of targeted short cross checks to the low back and ribs that offensive players who control the puck are assaulted with. I agree with Big Bert when, in an interview after EP was injured by the scrappy young Fin, he ad
  13. Wasn't clean. Your recounting is inaccurate. Kotkaniemi tangled up Peterson behind the net, continued to hound him up ice and borderline slew footed him down. EP went down awkwardly, Kotkaniemi came down on his knee and sustained an injury. EP and the rest of the fans of skilled entertaining hockey got lucky as this injury could have been much worse. Kotkaniemi injured him with a careless, unnecessary and dirty play. End of story. ... Furthermore, If a star player goes out of there way to lay an elbow on someone at risk of suspension you can be sure said player had it c
  14. Kotkaniemi injured EP40 in his rookie season. He has a knack for getting in the grill of star players and sometimes hurting them. I’ve got no issue with Stars “sharpening their elbows” to protect themselves from players like this.
  15. His speed sets him apart from most of the Canucks spare parts at the moment, and a number of their roster players too!.
  16. And the refs seem to really have it out for him. It’s too bad, he’s a great interview and seems to be q great character guy but we can’t have a marked man out there.
  17. It comes down to getting out of his own way. JV is ineffective when he over thinks his game. His decision making becomes slow and he appears confused by what he is meant to do. When he is in the moment and flowing (bjj terms) his skill comes forward... and luck has an easier time finding him too.
  18. Michaelis was OK but in my opinion Hawryluk was the reason the 4th line was so effective. He appears to be a very smart player with good speed and puck management/decision making. I thought he was outstanding last night.
  19. Hog was all over the puck and highlight reel last night. So much fun to watch this guy play, he processes the game at such a high level. Congrats to him on his first multi point game in the NHL.
  20. sounds like a lot of as* kissing being done by Podz and his agent. Truth is we just don't know what kind of pressure and fear is used to manipulate players and info in Russia. I feel sorry for the kid but, if he makes it through in one piece, he will be stronger for it.
  21. We will see what is and isn’t part of OJ’s game shortly, but I never see him hitting like Ohlund. I remember one hit big #2 leveled on Ryan Smith the then Oilers Captain. He hit him so hard coming down the boards that both of Smith’s gloves came off.
  22. I remember a preseason game were a line of Bo Virt and Sven combined for 12 points
  23. I think the pressure weighs on the kid. He will thrive in NA without the national pressure from mother Russia methinks.
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