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  1. Canucks "leading the way" in a return to 90s hockey? You must've forgotten how badly our players get burned by the NHL's DoPS. We will be leading the way in penalties and suspensions if we put a goon out on the the ice.
  2. That's not good enough. Every other Canadian team has either rebuilt or re-tooled faster than Vancouver has. How Benning is able to press the reset button as many times as he has is beyond me. We sucked well before the players got sick. Whatever is happening to Virtanen might actually let Vancouver off the hook for his contract. We had a third line centre in Adam Gaudette. He's been playing just fine for Chicago. He has better linemates because Stan Bowman has created a better team, despite their poor performance and albatross contracts. We simply won't have the cash to sign
  3. We can't afford secondary scoring because of cap space. If Gaudette played well around talent, then he should've been put in that situation. Just like last year. A lot of eyes will be on Aquaman if some of the personnel don't get fired this summer.
  4. He put in a nice effort against Nashville that game. Got an assist off of a David Kampf goal. I assume they are letting him rest as he is probably not 100% fitness level yet.
  5. Like father, like son. You have to take the good with the bad.
  6. You're aware of why he's been getting scratched, right? The dude has a massive attitude problem. For him to play well he has to play aggressively and with emotion. But when that turns to frustration you get a madman who's out of control. His penalties are silly, selfish, and very costly for his team. Imagine just losing your temper, taking a double minor for bad behaviour and then a misconduct on top of it. You're gone for almost a full period. Puts you shorthanded and messes your lineup. The man is like his father. They are both hotheads that lose control and make their own team pay
  7. Yeah. We do have a broken health care system. Prescriptions, dental care, elderly care, and other services should not be entirely dependent on your private insurance. Some of you guys are arguing for a more privatized system. I think it should be even LESS private than it already is.
  8. Abbotsford wouldn't be able to sustain ticket sales against the Canucks, just like last time. Different circumstances of course, but I don't think they want that again. Any team here would jack up the team's transportation costs. It'd be impossible to bus around if it were on the Island. Logistically it makes better sense to place them somewhere in Southern Washington or Oregon. Dare I say... Vancouver, WA???
  9. Good god. We don't deserve to win medals with that mess of an outfit. Canadian tux? Really?
  10. Really cool for Miller to speak out like this. Takes a lot of courage to stand up against the man. Big-time leader material right there. Almost wish Horvat said it, but he's not as intricate/profound in his interviews. It's nice to have some variety. This will go down as one of the greatest Canucks pressers of all time.
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