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  1. Farewell, CDC. Last post and unofficially cracking 1000 posts on this side (already achieved it on the new forum). For those joining on the other side, see you there! Those who will be turning a chapter in the forum's along with its shut down, we wish you all the best. Through the ups and downs of being a Canucks fan, we have so much to look back on - this was a virtual home for so many of us. You will be missed, but the Mods and Admin Team on the other (better! ) side has greatly made the transition so easy. As always, Go Canucks Go!
  2. Hi all, I'd like to clarify that the other poster was "HARVEY SPECTOR", which is was the incorrect spelling of the Suit's character if they were going for that alias, in the Off-Topic side of CDC. I was made aware of the poster after I was tagged incorrectly by a few Quotes / Replies. Hopefully, I, as "HARVEY SPECTER", with the "E" and the correct spelling, did not ruffle any feathers in my posting, while on the main part of CDC. Cheers all and I hope to see you all on the other forum. Thanks @-SN- for starting that up - I look forward to maintaining the strength of our Canucks community despite the unfortunate news. I appreciate @Warhippy / @Gurn for the tags here so I have an opportunity to clarify my side. Cheers!
  3. The Islanders claimed him off waivers and he made his NHL debut with them. His subsequent stops (at the NHL level) were the Blackhawks, and Blue Jackets. He has bounced between the NHL and AHL over the years. Fitting that his PTO comes from the team who originally drafted him. Potentially he will go to the Ontario Reign if he is signed later on. This time he will not need to compete against Jhonas Enroth who beat him for the back-up spot, nor another "Joonas" in Korpisalo who is now a Senator.
  4. Tony Esposito, Patrick Roy, Marc-Andre Fleury? Hopeful, as this one stumped me all afternoon
  5. Willander, meet Mr. Foote and Mr. Gonchar
  6. Quite an enjoyable read on Hoglander's progress since moving to the Abby Canucks on his birthday. I love that he has bought into the system and his mindset has demonstrated that he has the tools to take the next steps in flourishing.
  7. It was a great first game in the NHL for Hirose. He had the poise and confidence - looking forward to seeing what he can do as he spends more time with the coaching staff and familiarizing himself with the rest of the team. Instead of seeking that internship, he is seeking a spot long-term in the Top-4
  8. Donated! All the best @-DLC-! You and your team are doing great work! Feels great to be at "Bunny Champion" status!
  9. It gives me the 2005-06 pre-Reebok Edge design cues that Arizona/Phoenix is accustomed to - a base of solid maroon with some white/cream piping. An ode to their past, but a bit basic?
  10. Was thinking it was odd too but turns out @Crimson-JH saw them and they were family of Ethan Bear wearing his old Oilers jersey. All is well and glad to see our supporters in another team's barn.
  11. RIP Mr. Salming. An absolute legend on- and off-ice. Thank you for all of your contributions to the game in a classy manner. Condolences to the Salming family, friends, and loved ones.
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