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  1. Congrats Dave! All the best in your new radio analyst role! Let the rivalry continue to build!
  2. 4 - 2 Canucks Garland with the GWG Blackhawks shoot more
  3. Stay Strong Mr. Bossy. You can beat this. Best wishes during your battle. The hockey world is behind you in your fight.
  4. According to Donnie and Dhali, Podzilla is on the 1st line with Miller Time and #Official Petey!
  5. 4-2 Canucks Win Höglander with the GWG Go Canucks Go!
  6. Thanks @goalie13 for hosting this! New competitor for this season and excited to participate: I am thinking it will be a high intensity game with multiple players showing they are worth a roster spot. However, Demko will shut the door to rebound from a shaky pre-season. 3-1 Canucks Win GWG - OEL First Goal - Chiasson
  7. Congrats Halak! Great to have him on our team, especially after following his career starting in MTL - that season to remember when he was going toe-to-toe with Price. I love that he gets to rock his Demitra tribute mask at the Olympics if he does not opt to wear one with Slovakian colours.
  8. Just being nitpicky at the moment - and peeved that Gadjo is on waivers - why did have to list him at the VERY top of the list. I hope we can sneak him through to the Abby Canucks but a tad difficult when he is starting the list of "available options" around the league. It would be interesting to see if Lind gets re-claimed by the Canucks, but highly doubt at this point in our decision-making process. A classic angle to our CDC-special #AssetManagement point would be to pick up Roland McKeown to complete the Jason Garrison -> 2014 TB 2nd Rd Pick -> Linden Vey experiment circle. As @EternalCanuckFanmentioned, it might actually be worthwhile to consider as a RHD option.
  9. Excited for what in store for the on-ice product for the inaugural season for our Abbotsford Canucks. Lots to look forward to, and solid group to build the farm team with!
  10. This is a great opportunity to assess the talent and character of his upcoming AHL roster and those who will be floating between the big club and the Baby Canucks! Go get 'em GMRJ!
  11. Congrats to Tyler and Adriana! Wishing you both all the very best in the future and the next chapters of your lives together!
  12. Agreed on both points, DeNiro. Anisimov would be a great add for the Russian factor and he can still contribute in a 3rd line role. If the price is right, Bozak would be a solid choice too and it is crazy to think that just a while back, Bozak was usually a "core/centrepiece" to trade proposals. Perhaps a PTO for them and then a contract up for grabs near the tail-end of Training Camp
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