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  1. Happy birthday No. 13... KOLLLLLLEEE LIND! I was quite happy with his development compared to two years ago. To hear some speculation that he might have been a piece going over to ARI in the OEL trade rumours gives the Canucks and Comets fans more hope that he will continue to (late) blossom into a Bottom-6 player for us in the future. The sky is the limit for Lind; go get 'em!
  2. I know there were rumblings on Gaudette's official Twitch account on his switch over to #8 from his college days. With the official announcement of Schmidt getting #88, here's to the speculation that once signed, he will be the new #8 on the block!
  3. Officially confirmed, Nate will be the new #88 on the block. I wonder if Gaudette will be getting some exciting gifts from Mr. Schmidt for the jersey number
  4. Confirmation that Nate will be rocking #88. I wonder if there was any side negotiations for the number with Gaudette? Subsequently, looks like Gaudette will take on TanMan's old #8, which was his college jersey number
  5. He will be rocking #49 in Canuck Blue, White, and Green - interesting number choice !
  6. We have the announcement! HoltBeast will tend our net in a 1A/B set-up as... #49 in our programs! There are questions about the significance behind it given #70 on the NHL level, and #1 in the AHL and before, including Team Canada. I speculate it could represent the 49th parallel we are situated at. We shall find out while sooner or later, I am sure!
  7. That's that on the rumours of the former-Giant returning home via trade for the time being. Congrats to Gally on his new deal
  8. Happy birthday to our defensive phenom, Huggy Bear!! It's time to celebrate!
  9. Happy birthday Jonah! Here's to a great offseason and taking another step in your development for what's in store for the upcoming season!
  10. Looking close to being a done deal between the Sharks and Wild on Donato via LeBrun
  11. A little love for our Cap - Oh Captain, My Captain - that he is still listed on the Top-5 of 2020 Playoff scoring at the conclusion of the Cup Finals! Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Lightning on winning the Stanley Cup!
  12. All the best to Manny in Toronto. He deserves a shot at being on the bench; it's a shame it won't be with us but given our coaching structure, it's understandable. I hope he finds his way home back to us in the near future, but for now, good luck!
  13. The Miller acquisition has been extremely solid for us. Here is where he placed in the 2019-20 Selke nominations and how Sean Couturier's win broke down across the voting stages. I am proud to see Miller in the conversation among the hockey writers and voters. Detailed photo below for anyone interested in the other nominations:
  14. Agreed, there has been multiple references from our beat reporters/writers who have mentioned that Miller saw a lot of himself in JV throughout the season, and his trajectory resonated with himself during this time as a member of the Rangers and the Wolfpack. I can see him getting through to JV for the long-run if they can find a way for Jake to get the work in. I sense he will have to battle the off-ice distractions playing close to home, but if he can find that next gear, he will be able to be a hometown hero, both on the ice, and in our overall capology equation. As for the comments that GMJB made, I feel that him voicing his disappointment is more so a kick-in-the-rearend message more than anything, which, if paired correctly with the outfit of the team, will be us seeing more consistency from JV next season.
  15. RIP Chadwick Boseman - he was a wonderful actor and an inspiration to others. His work across multiple genres have left a lasting impression in the movie scene. My condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time, and may they find comfort. For us to have enjoyed his work and craft during such a painful and dark time in his life is a true gift. Each time he smiled, it brought joy to everyone around him. #WakandaForever