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  1. Happy birthday Will! Looking forward to you being a regular in our line-up next season once you LOCK(wood) your spot following training camp!
  2. Exciting news for JT Brown! He was a solid energy third-liner on the Bolts for a while and then his career finished off with him being a journeyman for a few organizations. Good luck to JT and congrats on the next step in your hockey life.
  3. I am/was on the "Hire Gallant" train when the news broke out that he was available and looking to make his return back to the NHL. However, there are many reasons for Gallant to not choose Vancouver, including the scrutiny of playing/being in a Canadian market (from media and fans alike), the players within the main roster and farm team to coach with, his family's preference for a particular geographical area (on that note, they could always use the Point Roberts approach), amongst others. On top of those possible reasons, our management group felt comfortable moving
  4. Agreed, Deb, agreed! The smile, the excitement, and the joy of pulling that marvelous beauty in a game, let alone in OT! Go Stecher! I love how management and coaching trusts Stecher with one of their "A's" to be an alternate captain for the squad. Well deserved!
  5. I got you covered Bertuzzipunch! For any others who may have missed the beauty from Stecher!
  6. Based on his limited deployment on the Utica squad split between the Blues and us, I feel like he may be given an AHL contract at most for next season. On the trajectory of some of our former Comets, an ECHL route (with the potential to slide back up to the AHL) may be explored too if he looks to continue his professional career. Not a dig on him, but he will continually see more competition at upcoming camp(s) if he is retained directly or indirectly through the Canucks. As Rick Dhaliwal mentioned this morning, the Canucks are entering into the final week to retain h
  7. Happy birthday Jack Rathbone! JR:3, here's to many more years of you patrolling our blueline! Congrats on collecting the puck trifecta this season!
  8. I voted for: Green: No Baumgartner: No Brown: No Clark: YES As other have mentioned, the retention of Clark is an absolute given - he has brought back some decent mojo for Holtby, and has allowed Demko to reach a new level of play this year. While the numbers may say something else (scoresheet, individual stats, etc), if Demko was not let out to dry most evenings, especially post-COVID return to play, he would have better performance ratings. Before I delve into the negatives, I will mention that I have taken into consideration the on-ice product that will come from a
  9. If he is called upon to represent USA at the World's, that would be another checkmark on his young professional career! Go get 'em Rathbone!
  10. Happy birthday Olli! It is great to see you taking bigger strides in your development and more ice time will be the perfect present for you! Best of luck OJ48!
  11. Ferraro chiming in on the Travis Green situation. I feel that we should head in a different direction with Green and replace him behind the bench after the season. If he is sought after in the open market, then more power to Green, but in numerous occasions (prior to our forced COVID break), he was being outcoached by numerous teams, especially in transitional 5-on-5 play. While he has done well here and there with our current composition of players, he has started to evoke a sense of complacency with his team - whether it be with the players on the active/scratched ro
  12. While I know Kovy isn't at the level of his former NHL self when he commanded his 15 Year-$100M contract, I can see the benefit of having a seasoned Russian who has played in the league for many years to mentor Podz as he makes the transition over. The price tag would have to be similar to Hamonic's where he gets a veteran's contract but not much more on our cap-strapped team. I am torn between both perspectives as we are an organization (off the record) that have limited leeway and liberty to make these acquisitions and transactions that will not continue to leave a sour taste wi
  13. Congratulations to Ryan Miller on 18 great seasons in the NHL! He will be retiring at the conclusion of the 2020-21 season. Thank you for giving it your all during your time in the Canucks crease. Happy retirement and enjoy your downtime with Noureen, Bodhi, and his dog, Puck!
  14. Looks like all is well on the Canucks bench moving forward with Silovs' game jersey as the equipment staff made quick amendments to the jersey with the correct namebar!
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