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  1. Kudos to Hotlby for pulling out a HoltBeast performance for us. It has been a rollercoaster ride with him in our crease (and I am a big Holtby fan since his Hershey Bears days) but he stood tall last night. This game evoke shades of the Ryan Miller vs the World (Toronto) game back in 2016 when he defended Richmond's own "Tony Stretcher!", taking matters into his own hands.
  2. From what I have read on Canucks Army (link through here for proper credit), it looks to be off-ice tension between Green and Baertschi. The number reports of our Utica Comets prospects and rookies gelling with, and looking for mentorship/advice from Baertschi may illustrate that the problem is not with Baertschi specifically. He has been a consummate professional for the Comets and I hope he can continue his NHL career. It would have been ideal for us, specifically, but if it is elsewhere, I understand too.
  3. Congratulations to Jalen on recording his first regular-season NHL point. He became the 525th player in Canucks history to record a point. That was a nice and patient set-up for Chatfield over to Höglander! As others have mentioned above, he will need to continue to work on his defensive-zone play and breakouts, but for a FA overager, he has been a solid addition to the Comets lineup for the last few seasons and someone who can play transitional minutes as a 6th/7th defenseman here and there.
  4. A little love from Stecher for our local media outlets. He might not be playing for his hometown team anymore, but he will always be a good Richmond guy
  5. I am for this acquisition, as I was on the "trade for Bowey" train back in the day. I was hopeful that we could sign him in the off-season. Despite possibly having mutual interest, he could has easily seen that he could not pass the others ahead of him in the depth charts. Now that we have acquired him and his flexible, cost-controlled cap hit, I can see him finding/regaining his AHL-NHL tweening abilities from his Hershey Bears and early Capital years, and being a 5th defenceman for us (if he does not get claimed by Seattle in the ED). He spent parts of his years entering i
  6. Here is a possibility why Carter was acquired by the Penguins. They can create a negative cap recapture to a certain degree equating to $762K next season. Interesting...
  7. I can see us taking a flyer on Drake Caggiula. There is the North Dakota - BB connection, and perhaps this is a good time to see how well he gels with the team on a tweener 3rd line (maybe 2nd line) assignment. His unearthed value could help with the decision on who to expose at the Expansion Draft. Not to mention, a healthy body to get into our line-up if the league wants us to continue the season.
  8. Looks like Motte is activated and could possibly be playing tonight! Should be interesting mixing in Vesey in a new look 3rd line?
  9. Not too bad of an instant-line up nickname haha
  10. Rarely do any of our big hits make it onto the cut reels posted by Sportsnet's social media channels so this is refreshing to see. I loved the solid hit by Höglander against Edmonton when it was live, and to have it reshown and given some BOOM love in the Bacardi Hits of the Week promo is very nice. Skip to the 0:36 mark to start the clip
  11. What a beauty Demko is, and his preference for March career-first shutouts (I know the 2020 SC run one is a different month). He has a March first career pro shutout for the Comets, and a March first career regular season shutout for the Canucks. Go Thatcher Go!
  12. Vasily PLAYOFFKolzin - I love it, Gillian! What a snipe by Podz! Beautiful alt angles provided by Vintage, and CRAZY_4_NAZZY
  13. Drouin weighing in on his new assistant coach - go get 'em Burrs!
  14. Without a doubt, everything that @D-Money mentioned above is something us Canucks fans were able to root for, experience, and enjoy for so many years. Here is our Dutch Gretzky chiming in on Burr's promotion and further solidifying the brotherhood he shared with so many: Not to mention, his outreach and willingness to do numerous events and talks off the ice too. One recent occasion was the Alumni Virtual Hot Stove in December as Frick and Frack, along with Juice and Murph took to an informal podcast of sorts!
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