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  1. I was clipping a lot of penalties in the playoff run last year (video related) but am back to work now and can't watch every regular season game. The frustrating part for me is how a lot of bad calls disappear forever since they aren't captured in any form. Have there been some egregious ones recently?
  2. I feel the need to post this stats snapshot from a couple year ago. I'm sure it doesn't really apply though.
  3. With Eriksson sitting, Baertschi buried, Spooner bought out, and the Luongo recapture penalty, the Canucks have a 15% salary cap disadvantage. You can't win much with that level of handicap in the modern era. Most of that is due to bad contracts, but the Luongo penalty is just absurd. The league approved his contract when it was signed, but decided to punish the Canucks after the fact anyway. Consider the fact that with that extra 3m cap space, they very likely could have afforded to keep Toffoli. 2023 is when this team will start to even have a chance of winning anything, but by then all the
  4. From the LA Times:

    The NHL reinstated Henry Samueli as owner and governor of the Ducks on Thursday, even though he's awaiting sentencing for lying to the Securities and Exchange Commission about stock-option backdating at Broadcom Corp., the computer chip maker he co-founded.

    Samueli was suspended indefinitely by the NHL after he pleaded guilty to a felony in Jun...

  5. Dude I agree with you 1000% our game has fallen to an all time low.

  6. Nice quotes.

    I think refs should all wear microphones to solve this problem.

  7. Surely you could proofread your article before posting it, towards the end it got a little painful. Overall a good read though.
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