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  1. Just got trillian - add me at MO2CDC
  2. Around to talk all day. Got a 2nd this year that is open for discussion, as well as the rights to Danny Dekeyser being made (somewhat) available.
  3. Awesome name Curt! Congrats! BTW, Was Bouillon claimed or can I buy him out!
  4. Unconditional Waivers: We would like to place D Francais Bouillon on Unconditional Waivers for the purpose of a compliance buyout.
  5. Word out of Edmonton is that the rights to both Paul Stastny and Niklas Hjalmarsson may be available for the right price. We would also like to congratulate good buddy OTTS on a great season and an even greater post season! Grats bud.
  6. You stinker. Proud to select Ryan Macinnis!
  7. Going off the board a bit to select, with our third pick, Josh Ho-Sang.
  8. Wow sorry guys didn't realize the draft was so soon! We will select F Sam Reinhart!
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