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  1. As John Shorthouse said post game on the team 1040 after the loss of the 2nd game, "You have to change the feel of the game." And I agree. Cory Schneider will start Game 3 guaranteed. The resiliency will pay off for the Vancouver Canucks. Vigneault taught his team to work with each other. Remember the line juggling he did in the dog days of the regular season? Burrows was taken off the first line for much of the final 2 months, the all American line broken apart and brought back together at random times. Vigneault and company were getting every player used to each other and at the same
  2. Lets start with the blue jays. we have a pool of talent because we didn't have fans. we didn't have money to buy the players and we didn't have the fans to critique every move. Watch a Canuck game. every single mistake is maximized. every single time Luongo lets in a bad goal, the crowd lets him know. The crowd also appreciates the small moves that mean something. A back checking offensive player gets applauded appropriately. I guarantee you Derek Jeter and A-Rod are critiqued 10 times more than Luongo is here. That's why big name players go to big markets. Or they go to Sports crazed cit
  3. The problem with passion and sports is, once you get to the top, for many at least, it's the money that drives you. Because something you were once passionate about, you sold for a price. And now you push yourself differently. Market yourself. You start fights because that's what your paid to do. It's the action that drives in the fans and brings in the dollars. Take a Jerome Iginla. He gets paid the big dollars and the coaches ask him not to take dumb penalties. That a fighting major takes him out of the game when they need him to stay out of the box. Imagine if the Flames let Iginla
  4. Did you know that among active Canucks players, the Sedin’s have played the most games and have been here the longest? Then it is Salo and Kesler who has 553 games since 2003 under his belt. Then Burrows if you can believe it. Then Bieksa, and Edler who has 42 goals in his career so far. Then Mason Raymond and Jannik Hansen from 2007. Rome, Malhotra, Hamhuis. Ballard, Lapierre, Higgins, and i will slip in Hodgson and Weise round out the majority of the regulars. Remember Jan Hlavac? He had 10 goals in 55 games with us. he went on to have 90 goals in 436 NHL games. He sits in between W
  5. i found a site called www.followcodyhodgson.ca and they have a Kassian vs Hodgson tracker. it's hilarious. good article
  6. IS THE SLUMP OVER FOR THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS? Imagine what they are feeling right now. Booth. Luongo. The Sedin's. The pressure cooker of the playoffs fast approaching. We are just 22 games away from a time when every game means the world and every save makes your heart gently murmur against the back of your chest. The look of despair on the ice as a 3-1 goal in the third sinks the spirit for a moment. Your workplace becomes a flutter with Oiler and Flames and Leafs fans looking at you like your team is going to be a failure again. Because we don't have a cup. And we will always be the
  7. As we approach the playoffs, I can’t help but think about two things. First, I hope we don’t take a losing streak into the second season; and second, I keep telling myself Luongo will be at his best again come playoff time. I just have to start believing what I say. But there are other reasons as a faithful Canuck fan that has me grinning from ear to ear and it’s not just because of this season’s potential playoff run. As much as Mike Gillis is known for not making big trades, he is most definitely known for signing key players; with the likes of Luongo signed until he is 73 years old,
  8. there were other teams willing to throw money at these free agents other than NY. Do you honestly think the Rangers are the only team that actually try to get big name players at a big name price? You don't think there were other offer sheets from other teams for free agents that ended up in NY? Sather does waste money but he's not a complete idiot or he wouldn't have a career this long.
  9. <img src="http://www.vdbab.com/newsletters/images/vancouver2.jpg" alt="" /><br /> <br /> Is it any wonder Ryan Kesler just signed a long-term deal with the Vancouver Canucks worth 30 Million dollars over 6 years? Ok well, yes it is a lot of money for this Selke runner up, but what Canuck fan wants to see him play for another team?<br /> <br /> There is a fundamental reason why Kesler wanted to stay here. Vancouver is becoming one of the most popular cities in the world, due to the culture and ethnic mix and the fact that its one of the greenest cities in North
  10. low and behold, Ryan Kesler just signed for 6 years, 30 million dollars. Maybe Gillis read my article haha, i wish!
  11. The “Bull” is a nickname Ryan Kesler has had since joining the Canucks. Rarely is it used in conversation when talking about Kesler due to the fact that it is far from original, but it does have some meaning in terms of what is actually going on between the Canucks organization and Kesler’s agent. With both parties locking horns, it has left the Bull seeing red. "I love it here, I really do," Kesler said. "But it's probably unrealistic to say I'm going to stay in the same spot forever.” You see, contract negotiations between GM Mike Gillis and Ryan Kesler’s agent have come to a st
  12. (above you see all-star players Mikka Kiprusoff and Dion Phaneuf enjoying a puff) Ok, so is it really a big deal? I mean really. Who amongst us hasn't ventured into the abyss of a cigarette at some point of our lives only to realize that either A. we hate it and will never do it, B. Your one of those who purchases your favourite pack at least once a week, or C. you are the "casual" smoker. So why does it seem like such a big deal when athletes smoke? Hell, even The President of the United States admits to smoking heavily before his campaign for Presidency, and has admitted to "falling of
  13. GOLD. Was there ever any doubt? Of course there was, but as Canadians we could never give up on our dream of being the best team in hockey, once again. And as good as gold was for our country, now its time to put the focus back on this Vancouver Canuck team and find out what potential paybacks the 2010 games might give us. Good and bad. So what do these Olympics do for Vancouver? Well, we now have arguably the best goalie in the world to never win a Stanley Cup. I know, like many of you out there who wanted so badly to see Luongo just get a chance to play, this is the best case scena
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