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  1. 2012 playoffs, let's do this Canucks! *Get well soon Daniel! <3*

  2. 2011 playoffs, go Canucks go!!!

    1. Master 112

      Master 112

      I approve this message.

  3. It's been a week...where's the picture Shelly?

  4. Put up a picture, friend! :P lol

  5. is excited for a very promising new season! Go Canucks Go!

  6. Go Team Blue & go Fin go!
  7. hopes to have all her favorite players back for the 2010/2011 season!

  8. Lol, that hawk's website is pretty awesome eh? Now I feel bad that you didn't actually meet them!

  9. i actually found that picture of all places the chicago blackhawks message boards last spring during round 2 ... they were at a chicago white sox game inbetween hockey games ... I WISH I was sitting with them for a game!!! glad you liked that pic!! :)

  10. Lol yep, it's me :) I want to change my profile picture but it's always the wrong damn size, very annoying! lol

  11. Hi, wow, where is your profile picture from? Sitting with the entire canucks team is kinda awesome!

  12. lol nvm i just realized it was u shivani...lmao.

  13. you have a problem with my name?

  14. This was disappointing, I really wanted to get a picture with it at the Superskills! Oh well, I'll see it when we win it!
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