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  1. Calling Brad from Calgary! Calling Brad from Calgary!! Please please please pick him up Huge fan of Edler but more of taking a dump on the Flames fan
  2. People wanting 1000 bucks for portable AC yikes! Glad this spring I took the plunge and bought central AC for my townhouse here in Chilliwack. I hummed and hawed for a couple of years because it's a big expense, but was worth it in the end!
  3. Do the Jets want to shake things up and re evaluate? Canucks 9th for PLD? Heck I would throw in Virt
  4. I genuinely laugh at anybody who thinks it will be easy to get rid of contracts for picks with the wave of a magic wand in a cap era. Even when there was no covid and flat cap teams were using picks to get rid of contacts, now enter a flat cap which makes it harder. EVERYTHING now is going to be cap in cap out. We have entered into a era where cap is more valuable than draft picks. Good luck in people who think at the deadline we can be sellers for the contracts you want to get rid of for a bounty of picks.
  5. Flames fans(including some of my family) think the return of Sutter immediately makes them a top contender. So hoping those expectations will make the fall harder
  6. I get laid off before xmas due to covid and think to myself, if you aren't working, might as well spring for a year of sportsnet now. Not working and got loads of time to watch a condensed shedule. This many games in, i'm so disappointed I wasted a not a insignificant amount of money this year on this garbage. Kinda feels like the 80's
  7. Actually upon further reflection i'm going to leave it at this. I am a Liberal but I clearly don't support this incarnation of this Liberal party. I have never voted conservative I am open to all sorts of information out there, but to me(and I am biased-much like you are to be fair) I can't say that the article you provided does enough to sway my opinion. I think it does a poor job And that is that
  8. Woa dude, I hit a nerve here Did I say fake news? Nope. No sir I didn't. I said there is a ton of information, that has been fleshed out already, where one can come up with their own opinion. YOU are getting really freaky and defensive. I DID NOT say clear and decisive condemnation of the Liberal party and their subsequent removal will satisfy me, jesus christ WTF? I DID say that based on a opinion fluff article that they have to do a better job of "forensic analysis" in presenting evidence that exonerates the Trudeau government and We charity especially since YOU yourself admitted it's an opinion piece. And what the everloving **** are you talking about - and show me the DIRECT quotes or evidence where I once implied that I ever said anything about me supporting the undemocratic removal of the Trudeau Liberals? Like what the serious ****? Jesus christ dude, why so triggered?
  9. What do you want? Post a crappy blurb about a "forensic analysis" that exonerates the Canadian government and WE that is more like a movie synopsis rather than breaking down more relevant points. There is a crap ton of information out there where one can do their own research and with their own critical thinking can come up with their own opinions on the matter. It is what you originally said...An opinion piece, and kind of a fluffy one at that
  10. Yeah, that sure is an in depth analysis and presents a good analytic breakdown of over 5000 pages of government documents. I've read movie reviews that are longer. lol Jebus
  11. Riiiight, doesn't excuse his play, and the team to be fair this season minus first game. Been on the ice for terrible goals and seems to be trying too much. Sure, possibly best dman in Canucks history, but the way he is currently playing, I would have to say no. This isn't a single or a couple of games, so far he's been crappy all games except one. He's got to reset and stop trying too much. If you don't think he doesn't merit criticism then...well...then...whatever
  12. Prove me wrong Should have said "Hughes has been terrible" point still stands
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