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  1. All sounds like the beginning of a wonderfully painful experience of an entitled expansion franchise.
  2. JB: "But how do I do that?... Any ideas, John?" JW: "Just call random 30+ years old UFAs and offer them 6x6. You never know."
  3. Vegas is long overdue for having a bad team and enduring stretches of losing seasons. Finally it's time for the godforsaken team to rot in salary cap hell and pay the dues as an expansion team.
  4. My hats are off to the Habs, especially to all the BC boys! Gallagher, Weber, Price and Toffoli (honorable mention ) ... And of course, the Dragon Slayer!!
  5. Dirty Vegas hockey at its best: giving a headshot, setting moving picks and crosschecking at will. It all ends tonight.
  6. The hidden receiver inside refs' ear is delivering a secret message from Bettman.
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